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Hollywood Compassion Coalition Launches ‘Research Corner’ Highlighting Studies On Entertainment’s Effect On Society


Hollywood Coalition for Compassion Launches 'Research Corner' Focusing on the Impact of Entertainment on Society

The Hollywood Coalition for Compassion has announced the launch of its Research Corner, a dedicated global compilation of research aimed at breaking down the impact of media and entertainment on society. HCC is a nonprofit and entertainment industry movement that inspires positive social change based on compassion.

The Research Corner is a series of summaries highlighting key concepts and empirically validated research around hot issues in the industry. The first article explores the importance of media literacy and how it affects the way audiences understand and interpret content, how entertainment affects audiences, the consequences of observing risky behavior in the media, stereotypes in the media and their effects, and the role entertainment plays in shaping the world around us.

HCC was founded by multi-Grammy- and Emmy-winning sound mixer Brian Riordan (founder of Levels Audio) and award-winning actress, producer and director Natalie Conneely (The Optimist, Pachamama Sabia). The founding advisory board includes Sophie Janicke-Bowles, Ph.D., Director of Research in Positive Media Psychology and Assistant Professor at Chapman University. and documentary filmmaker Owsley Brown III.

Co-founder Brian Riordan said: “As an industry, we must deeply understand the impact of our content on its audience. Only from this understanding can significant change occur. The Hollywood Compassion League was born after I went on with my life. – Transforming India through the Mind and Life Institute and spending a week in the company of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.”

“Brian and I are connected through our relationship with holiness and heart and life,” continued co-founder Natalie Connelly. “After working with the 14th Dalai Lama for seven years and building a global network of mindful, compassionate and ethical leaders, I’m excited to put this idea into practice and start sharing Research that allows the entertainment industry to understand the connections between the stories we tell and the world we live in. We believe in building a world that works for all of us, as it becomes increasingly clear that otherwise it will not work for any of us kick in.”

Dr Sophie Janicke-Bowles said: “It’s one thing to get people to laugh out loud at the stories we tell, but it’s another to also inspire them to be a little nicer to the grocery store clerk the next time we shop. Media Psychology Study suggests that stories may have the power to “change the way we see and behave in the world. Therefore, I would like to see more interesting and socially beneficial research-based storytelling in the current media environment, and HCC’s mission is to make that happen. “

The research is based on empirical findings from peer-reviewed communication journals and media studies textbooks that investigate how the media affects audience attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Digital Content Manager at HCC and current Ph.D. at Chapman University. Student Noel McGuire has been instrumental in collecting and analyzing this scholarly literature, and has played a vital role in breaking down concepts, making complex theoretical and academic terminology more accessible and engaging to entertainers.

To learn more and join the Hollywood Compassion Coalition, visit https://hollywoodcompassioncoalition.org/. To help support the mission of HCC, visit https://hollywoodcompassioncoalition.org/donate.

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