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Hollywood Cashing In On Bad Movies That Inspire Good Memes — The Betoota Advocate


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After a bitter cough and the last man who cared about the Oscars became a film student, Hollywood is taking a new approach to guaranteeing success.

For the past eight years, American studios have taken as much risk as homeschooling kids on holiday in Adelaide, making only movies that sit in the franchise’s cash cow.

More recently, while studios are still holding their ground like Republicans after masturbation, they’ve challenged the formula by producing shocking films that have produced some absolute meme pearls.

Mobius, for example, is a supervillain tale starring Jared Leto that pays homage to the comic book movies of the early ’20s that weren’t all that bad, but were also bad, drinking through a hole in the stomach Your own bile may be a better option.

Despite widespread calls for the entire production team to be forced to engage in some form of community service, the film sparked critically acclaimed memes such as “It’s Mobin Time.”

Likewise, a sequel to a film called Doctor Strange was sought after for having clever characters who lacked common sense, while the Minions origin film prompted hordes of young men to show up in theaters in full costumes.

“Gosh, I hope this becomes a trend when we release Mortdecai,” said one film executive, with some sarcasm about paying off his son’s human-smuggling yacht.

“People could have come to the cinema dressed as a bunch of shit!”

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