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Hollywood bids farewell to three greats united by mafia films and friendship | James Caan


Tribute to Tony Sirico who played Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri on TV Sopranos, The influx came after announcing his death at the age of 79.

He is the third loss of an actor known for portraying villains in defining fictional depictions of mob life, following the death of star James Caan. This godfatherand appear in good guy and soprano prequel movie many saints in newark.

In an online tribute, a producer The Simpsons, On Saturday, Al Jean joked that the trio would now “sit down in heaven”.

The three actors are highly regarded in the industry, not least for their portrayal of obnoxious characters on the big screen; they often appear together in public.

There is also a similarity in the backgrounds of the three: each showed no interest in acting at a young age and pursued different early careers before changing strategies.However, unlike Caan and Liotta, who both went to college, Sirico’s background is exactly the same as the violent gangster he plays The Sopranos.

Sirico appeared in all six seasons from 1999 to 2007, playing the vicious, paranoid but loyal follower of James Gandolfini’s mob boss Tony Soprano.

Born in Brooklyn in 1942, Sirico left after high school to pursue a career in construction and, as he later put it, “started running with the wrong type of people.” In 1970, he was arrested and found carrying a revolver.

In one scene of the movie, Kahn, wearing a black tie, talks to Pacino, who is wearing a military uniform
James Caan (right) and Al Pacino in “The Godfather.” Photo: Paramount Pictures/All-Stars

A year later, he was charged with racketeering, coercion and unlawful possession of a weapon, and was sentenced to four years in prison, of which he served 20 months at the notorious Xin Xin prison. There, he said, he saw a touring troupe called “The Forsaken Theater” and decided it would be his new mission.

He had a series of small roles in TV and film before landing roles police land and dead president. However, this is his character The Sopranos This brought him worldwide fame, playing Paul Gualtieri – nicknamed Paulie “Walnut” because he once hijacked a truck full of nuts and mistakenly believed that There is a TV inside. Paulie is afraid of germs, hates cats, and loves his mother even though she is actually his aunt.

except his soprano The character Sirico (who died in an assisted living facility in Florida and suffered from dementia for several years) has appeared in many gangster films, including gangster queen, finger, final battle – and good guyThe final film was directed by Martin Scorsese, and Lyotard played his greatest role as gangster Henry Hill, alongside Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.

Lyotard later declined to appear in The Sopranos, as the mafia Ralphie Cifaretto, on the grounds that “I don’t want to do the mafia anymore”.However, when he starred, he had a chance to join the team in 2021 Many Saints in Newark.

Liotta in a white suit, black shirt and white tie talking to someone off camera next to two hemlines in black suits
Ray Liotta, center, played the role of Henry Hill in “Goodfellas.” Photo: Warner Bros/Barry Wetcher/Allstar

Liotta, the adopted son of a town clerk and an auto parts store owner, died in his sleep on set in the Dominican Republic while filming the movie dangerous waters.

The origin of all modern gangster legends is generally considered to be godfatherthe 1972 blockbuster directed by Francis Ford Coppola — which earned Kahn an Oscar nomination for his role as Sonny Corleone, the hot-headed son of Marlon Brando’s mafia boss.

Interestingly, the film also gave Sirico his first chance to appear on screen.he is godfather:the second part, Kahn is also in it. The two later became close friends.

“He was able to romanticize his past, put on some bracelets and glitter and use it as an actor,” Caan once said of Sirico. “You’re really seeing him – he just adds a little pepper, a little chili powder to taste.”

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