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HIT: The First Case Movie Review – Rajkumar Rao starrer is gripping but hits the roadblock in the climax


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Planning to watch HIT: The First Case this weekend? Read our review of this Rajkummar Rao film

The murder mystery is among the most underutilized genre in the Hindi Film Industry. And a well-made murder mystery is even rare. This week’s release, HIT: ‘The First Case’ starred Rajkummar Rao and Sanya Malhotra and follows a single murder investigation in what would otherwise be a normal and predictable case, if not for a major deviation in the investigation and finale. It’s a remake of a Telugu film, and for those unaware, even that who suffered from the curse of the climax.

Director Sailesh Kolanu sets the atmosphere of a thriller effectively by taking the audience into the dark world of warped characters at a slow pace. His protagonist’s personal story is brought into the film in a graceful and unimportant way that only strengthens the plot. But as mentioned above, the entire build-up goes for a toss seeing how things unfold towards the finale. The reasoning is unreasonable and weakens the potency of what was otherwise an interesting narrative. In a nutshell, what happens is fascinating, but that’s not justified well. On the idea front, HIT: The First Case, is a winner, but we wish the makers had tweaked the finale from the original to leave a better impact.

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The cinematography is breath-taking and special credit to the production team too for the same since the film has been shot entirely during the pandemic. The production values are also rich and adequate for the genre of the film. The sound effects are okay, but some of the dialogue scenes where humor shines through seem to be where the writer was trying too hard. The editing is also crisp, as the film moves at a fast pace, but the issue lies in the writing front. A thriller can’t be impactful without a fitting finale and that’s exactly the factor that goes against HIT: The First Case. While the male characters are well written, getting the desired arc, the female characters deserved some more depth in the writing. More layered writing would have provided some context to all that unfolds in the finale.

Talking about performances, Rajkummar Rao was great as a cop, especially during the investigative scenes in the film. However, he is a little off the mark in the emotional moments. Sanya Malhotra does well in the role, but her character is not well written. In the role of Inspector Ibrahim, Milind Gunaji performs well, although his character could have been developed further. The ensemble does well in their smaller roles.

Overall, HIT: The First Case hits the bull’s eye in the first half but falls flat in the second. Despite its honest attempt to please the Hindi audience, the climax prevents this thriller from being memorable.

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