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Here’s the Best and Worst Celebrity Mustaches, in Honor of Chris Evans in ‘The Gray Man’


Greys (2022). Chris Evans as Lloyd Hansen

Paul Abel/Netflix

With great power comes great responsibility — and a beard. grey man Having recently had its theatrical debut and its Netflix release later this month, it’s got us all thinking about celebrity facial hair.

Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling and Reggie-Jean Page, the first trailer immediately wowed audiences around the world. It’s an action-packed spy storyline with beautiful scenes and Evans’ character rocking a very sweet “stache.”This isn’t the first time we’ve seen him with a mustache – we’re watching him on Broadway hall hero — but it was undoubtedly an eye-catching look.

In the entertainment industry, stars are constantly changing their looks to play different roles, and sometimes they are absolute celebrities. That being said, sometimes facial hair stinks too. We’ve taken a deep dive into celebrity facial hair, and after much deliberation, we’ve put together a list of faces that work well with hairstyles and those that look better naked.

From the infamous Tom Selleck and Steve Harvey to James Franco and Chris Evans – here are the best and worst celebrity beards we love and hate.


Some men make a ‘stache look absolutely perfect, effortlessly handsome, and quite stunning. Here are some of our favorite celebs with beards!

Burt Reynolds

When you think of a good celebrity, Burt Reynolds is probably one of the first faces that pops into your head — and for good reason. His beard is as iconic as the man who wears it, it has changed over time and it still absolutely fits him.

Tom Selleck

When you think of the perfect beard, Tom Selleck is probably another name that immediately comes to your mind. Selleck, like Reynolds, has held his own for decades, and he perseveres every time.

Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie’s mustache is a must-have for the music icon, and it’s never a hair out of place. Richie’s style has remained largely unchanged over the years, proving the age-old adage – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Chris Evans

We can’t talk about celebrities, let alone who started the conversation: Chris Evans.Evans has been changing the look of his facial hair over the years, but the beard made his campaign debut Hall of Heroes.

While that “stache” isn’t a fan favorite, his look grey man More suitable for actors. Plus, he thinks it helps him really play his role in the movie.

Miles Teller

We all flock to the cinema Top Gun: Maverick Part of the film’s appeal, at least once, was a certain character whose name was Rooster. That’s right; Miles Teller draws viewers to the storyline for several reasons.

Rooster is Goose’s son, and when he comes face-to-face with Maverick, the situation is tense — and it’s heart-wrenching for viewers. Another attraction for viewers is Taylor himself – this guy is a complete darling. He also knows how to shake “stache”. If you’re a meme fanatic, you’ve probably seen posts on social media telling everyone not to try and rip off his facial hair because they simply can’t – but he did.

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan’s mustache is as iconic as the wrestler himself. While many of these beard styles appear on our not-so-great “beard” list, Hogan can do it.

It’s hard to imagine idols without beards, but it’s happened before, and wrestlers also have bushy beards. Hogan is an all-purpose facial hair business.

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is another Hollywood icon with a big beard. In fact, it’s something contestants often talk about when they appear on his game show.

‘stache shaped Harvey’s face, like Hogan’s, not for most people. Yet the philanthropist, presenter and all-around much-loved celebrity makes it his day job.

Robert Downey Jr.

Listen to us – we know Downey Jr. not only has a mustache here, but there was a time when it was just “moustache.”

Downey Jr. can pluck out any facial hair; he can get a clean shave—in fact, we’re pretty sure he’ll look good in a potato bag. It’s his outward appeal, of course, but it’s also his personality that makes him whole.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is also a man with and without a beard we’ve seen during our time in the entertainment industry – he looks almost more rugged than without a beard. Regardless, he’s a 10/10!

Idris Elba |

Idris Elba – Need we say more? The man is absolutely perfect, his face with a beard is just as pleasing as he is without a beard. Elba did nothing wrong.

not too good

Even for stars who fall into the less popular beard category, these guys can still rock the beard. They just went through the days of the fan countdown until they shaved off their “beard” or added a beard to it. let’s see.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber does a lot of things well, but not everyone likes the superstar’s facial hair. Let’s face it, he’s a handsome guy, but fans feel that the beard takes away his otherwise rather conspicuous features. He’s gone through stages with a little beard and no beard – but he’s often kept shaved.

Aston Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher can wear almost any look, but fans initially didn’t like his ‘stache’ re-grown in 2019. He ended up giving an interview about “spite ‘stache” and how he wouldn’t cut it just to please anyone, and he kept his word for a while. Kutcher is often torn between being a little sloppy and shaved.

Chris Evans

How can he be on the best and worst list? Well, when he first launched his “stache for hall hero, fans don’t know what to think. It didn’t take long for facial hair to start growing – it was Chris Evans after all, but we had to add him to the initial fan reaction.

Honestly, Evans can have any type of beard and we all adore him; you know we’re right.

Channing Tatum

Tatum can’t do anything wrong, but when he debuted, fans didn’t like his beard. While Tatum looked a little scruffy, the mustache look didn’t wow fans. His face was rough and his mustache almost felt out of place.

Michael Cera

Michael Cera looks sweet; the mustache just doesn’t suit it. That said, he still has a good chance of stealing your girl – with or without facial hair. Now, when Cera grows a beard and a moustache — well, we’re all singing different tunes back then.

John Travolta

John Travolta has had multiple types of facial hair throughout his career, and while some of it is pretty glamorous, his “long side framing his mouth” isn’t a fan favorite. Like most entries on the “not so good” side of the beard debate, that changed completely when Travolta added a beard or some sideburns to the look.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto is a bit of a facial hair connoisseur, but fans aren’t terribly obsessed with the star’s strict beard styling. When he added a beard next to “stache” or just had a scruffy face, well – that’s another story.

Tom Hardy

We’re trying not to sound like a broken record here, but Tom Hardy is another celebrity that most people think of when they hear the word insanely handsome. There’s not much he can’t do. That being said, fans aren’t entirely on board with the “Hardy” claim.

Of course, there’s something unique about the mustache that makes fans’ reaction to it a bit controversial. The truth – Charles Bronson shaved his moustache and sent it to Hardy when he was portrayed in the movie. Technically, the mustache isn’t even his, so we can’t say much.

Vince Vaughn

exist carnival, Vaughan has a mustache that fans really love. However, with a stylized beard that grows farther down the sides, fans were not impressed. Vaughan’s better-looking side in the celebrity facial hair debate was only slightly trimmed.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling definitely has a beard – think about his role in the 2016 movie, nice guy. His beard/beard combo looks great too, like an emotional favorite notebook.

What fans are not obsessed about is that he is las and real girlsHe’s one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, so he obviously still steals our hearts, but we’re glad to see Gosling rocking different facial hair these days. In fact, at the moment, he’s not rocking the ball on his upcoming Plastic Fantasy film, Barbie.

The thing is, even the less-than-stellar guys in the mustache debate are still painfully handsome, so we’re all winners here. This is facial hair: the good, the bad and the ugly.

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