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Has Jeff Ross Ever Pleasured Himself In A Car?


Who wouldn’t want to go to a game night with their favorite celebrity? Luckily, Kevin Hart knows what people want and has given us the third season of his popular E!! programme, celebrity gaming face. The comedian/actor/media mogul gathers his three pairs of celebrity friends from the comfort of their own home for a crazy half-hour game show where they relax and expose everything for a chance to win for bragging rights. Money…and charities of their choice, of course.

In an exclusive clip from tonight’s brand new episode celebrity gaming face, Hart’s all-star cast plays the infamous “Guilty,” a segment that puts one member of each team in the hot seat, leaving the other to guess whether their partner is “guilty” or “innocent” Hart lewd and hilarious accusations.Comedian/baking guru General Jeff Ross and pal Seth Green rise first as exes space force Actors Jimmy O. Yang and Tawny Newsome and married cartoonists Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher await their turn. When Hart first accuses Ross of making Facetime calls while sitting on the toilet, it’s all fun and playful. Ross immediately admitted his guilt, and Green was quick to confirm his sarcasm, “Actually, I know he’s guilty. Unfortunately, I got that call.”

Hart’s second allegation is the real big liar. “Jeff, you’ve been accused of pleasuring yourself in the car,” Hart gleefully accuses his comedy buddy. Not missing a beat, Jeff replies, “Well, if listening to Madonna’s greatest song makes myself happy…” while everyone else breaks down. When he pleaded “not guilty” to Hart’s allegations, Green retorted cheekily, “The answer is guilty. I’m just confused as to why he gave me so much background information.” Hart told Green he guessed wrong, Ross couldn’t help but chime in, “don’t ask me about the motorcycle,” which resulted in the entire crew losing it. Tune in tonight at 9pm on E! Find out Hart’s other crazy accusations against other pairings!

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