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Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde, and Florence Pugh glisten in dazzling ensembles at the Venice premiere of “Don’t Worry, Darling”


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Don’t Worry Darling’s cast members Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles, and the rest were present for the movie’s world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in 2022.

Don’t Worry Darling, one of the most eagerly anticipated movies of the year, had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival on September 5, and the whole main cast was present. Florence Pugh, who skipped the press conference for the movie, was spotted at the premiere despite rumors of a falling out with the director Olivia Wilde.

Director Olivia Wilde wowed in a breathtaking yellow gown at the red carpet premiere, where she was joined by the cast members of her main roles, including boyfriend Harry Styles, Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, and Florence Pugh. In a navy blue suit, the One Direction singer looked great as always. Styles and Wilde did not arrive at the red carpet event together, and they did not pose together at the premiere either.

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Florence Pugh stole the spotlight at the Don’t Worry, Darling! premiere because she looked stunning in a Valentino gown. At the occasion, the actress who hasn’t been marketing the movie because of alleged conflicts with Wilde also opted not to take pictures with the director or her co-star Harry Styles. On the red carpet, Florence was spotted getting along with Gemma Chan, another Marvel actress. The actress also asked her grandmother to join her at the function.

Image Source: Daily Express

During the press conference, Olivia spoke on the ongoing controversy surrounding her movie, notably the relationship between her and Pugh “We are so appreciative that Florence, despite being in production, is able to attend tonight’s performance. Regarding the never-ending tabloid rumors and noise, the internet feeds itself. I don’t think I should help out with it.”

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