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Greg Gutfeld: Prince Harry rejected British royalty for American celebrity royalty


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Let’s talk about the royal family. The British royal family, especially its two former royals. Yes, royals. I should have avoided saying that around Prince Andrew.

Anyway, one of their mutant descendants showed up at the United Nations and lashed out at us. But I guess if you’re going to crap, there’s no better place than ****. I have no idea. I wonder if climate change is wreaking havoc on our planet, with the most vulnerable suffering the most.

GREG GUTFELD: NPR’s Disinformation Team Will Create a ‘Wall of Interference’

Prince Harry: Climate change is wreaking havoc on our planet, with the most vulnerable suffering the most. From the horrific war in Ukraine to the rollback of U.S. constitutional rights, a few have weaponized lies and disinformation at the expense of many. We are witnessing a global attack on democracy and freedom.

So this fluffy ball calls on the United States to abolish constitutional rights as part of a global attack on democracy and freedom. Well, he knows his audience.

Talking bad about America at the UN is the easiest way to get applause. It’s like standing in front of a high school auditorium and saying marijuana should be legal everywhere. Oh yes, no more homework and pizza in cafes.

Seriously, is it a speech or a job interview? Do you want to please the tyrants of the world and destroy your host nation? beautiful. You picked the right place, you royal bastard, you picked the right country. America will actually put up with your desperate need for attention and status.

You know, I’d compare him to the Kardashians, but that’s an insult to those who slap their ass.

So should we care about him or them? Not really. But what else do you want to talk about? How is the odorant made, what is Kim Jong Un’s bench press, and how much does a bubblegum cigar cost? What about vultures? Did you know that we are seeing a dangerous decline in vulture numbers, which could lead to the spread of deadly diseases like plague and rabies? It’s good because I’m sick of everything made in China. You know, it’s vital that vultures eat carcasses, which helps control ecosystems and pathogens. Not to mention a great way to hide evidence. Right, Carter?

So, as far as Earth is concerned, the vultures are doing better than Prince Harry. Harry can fly around the globe and teach us about climate because he hurts it. But a flock of bald eagles can rip a dead panther clean before Brian Stelter can put on his bib.

So is this a fair comparison? Prince and Vulture? why not? One feasts on the dead, the other feasts on the brain dead. And mind you, America is truly a land of opportunity for opportunists, especially for those who play with the system by waking up drama. If you want to make money, kick up the old depression theater and let it rip. Like Eric Swalwell after Chipotle.

Anyone can do it, including a silly prince whose hair looks like a Brillo pad used to remove rust from lawn chairs. I should have asked him to come over and scrub my pan. my boy. I don’t wipe the pan. I let the little lady do it. This is scary stuff.

But look, Harry is just another idiot that the media likes to briefly promote, just like AOC and Michael Avenatti, except in this case, he’s favored because he’s a prince. That’s it.

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So Prince Harry bemoans privilege like Amber Heard complaining about poo in her bed. He is the face of power. Now he’s here with us ********. But if things are so bad, why did he move here? You know, we’re having a tough time, and this creepy bad talk turns us into a bunch of clowns while his wife nods casually like the audience does while recording “The View.”

He somehow believed that this cartoonish awakeningism could erase his royal stain. He hid his crown and replaced it with a ****. We can leave it there. Just one word. This is a real thing. Check it out. I’m talking to the producer.

But if he thinks being a royal is jumping in line, then why is he here to jump in line and expect to be another Simon Cowell admirer?

Now, if he hates status, he’ll stay in his country and work things out. You know, it starts with the teeth. become a dentist. However, instead of rejecting the royal family, you’ve replaced it with the American version – celebrity royalty with your boiling wife. You two and the UN deserve it. You are a throw up that combines throw up and Couple.

The truth is that Harry marrying an American does not make you an American, nor does he criticize the United States with your undergraduate notions of global affairs and your total ignorance of our country – it will only make you feel in two countries Embarrassing, not just one. Just like James Corden. I have no idea. Is that worth it? In fact, our royals are better. George Brett, Brett Saber Hagen, Dan, Duke of Quesenbury.

You know, talking about real royals. They never married their cousins ​​as we know them. At least it didn’t say so on the back of my baseball card. So maybe it wasn’t Harry’s stupid fault. You know, that was the first thing we did after kicking their ass in the American Revolution. Accept the Second Amendment. Not your second cousin.

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