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Greek Church protests baptism for celebrity same-sex parents


ATHENS, Greece (AP) — The Greek Orthodox Church said it will baptize the head of the U.S. church after baptizing the children of celebrity fashion designer Peter Dundas and his partner Evangelo Busis Send a letter of protest.

US Archbishop Elpidophoros officiated near Athens on July 9 during a private visit to Greece. Dundas and Busis have a son and a daughter by surrogacy.

Dundas, who has designed red carpet and performance outfits for famous artists including Beyoncé, Ciara and Mary Bleitch, agreed to have his children baptized as Orthodox, his partner’s religion. Bousis is of Greek descent.

In a statement posted on its website on Tuesday, the Greek Orthodox Church’s Holy Synod of Bishops said it would send a letter of complaint to Bartholomew, the leader of the U.S. church and the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians. in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Greek Orthodox Church does not recognize same-sex unions. Greece allows same-sex couples to enter into legal cohabitation agreements, but does not allow same-sex marriages.

Archbishop Elpidovros did not immediately respond to objections from the Greek Church. His official Twitter account excerpted a July 2 speech in New York in which he spoke about the need for religion to heal social divisions.

“Everyone, no matter who they are or what they do — good or bad — deserves God’s love. If they deserve God’s love, they deserve ours,” Elpidophoros said. “The church will never reject anyone because of their character.”

The Holy Synod’s complaint comes in response to a letter from Metropolitan Antonios of Glyfada to church leadership. He approved the baptism of Dundas and Evangelo Busis’ children, but said he was unaware the ceremony involved a same-sex couple.

“The Archbishop of America has unilaterally acted in a proactive and improper manner, knowing fully that these (God’s) children do not belong to our (religious) family,” Antonios wrote. ___ Follow Gatopoulos on Twitter at https://twitter.com/dgatopoulos

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