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Giancarlo Stanton stars in Hollywood ASG | Is Jalen Hurts ready to throw the ball more in Philly?


Happy Hump Day everyone. Here’s Wajih AlBaroudi filling in for Zachary Pereles, and I’ve got everything you need to know about last night’s MLB All-Star Game, the outlook for the NFL season, and more.

let’s start.

Good morning everyone, especially…

Giancarlo Stanton

Last night’s All-Star Game was Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton’s fifth game, but it’s sure to be one of his most memorable. A native of the Los Angeles area, Stanton hit the tying homer in the eventual 3-2 win over the AL, a performance that earned him MVP honors.

The award made Stanton an elite company, and he had to lift it at Dodger Stadium, a venue he held dear and cherished after several visits as a child.

  • Stanton is the third Yankees player to win the All-Star Game MVP after Derek Jeter (2000). Mariano Rivera (2013).
  • According to Sarah LanceStanton’s game bomb flew 457 feet, the second longest in an All-Star game.
  • The home run propelled Stanton to 111.7 mph, making it the hardest-hit ball in All-Star Game history, according to Lens.

Stanton’s teammate, MVP candidate Aaron Judge, gets most of the love from regular fans, so Stanton’s hometown breakout is a delight to watch. Tony Gonzolin may disagree, but we’ll find him later.

Thanks in large part to Stanton’s MVP performance, the AL has now won nine straight All-Star games over the NL. In fact, 21 of the last 25 Midsummer Classics have gone down the AL’s path, a win rate so high that only the Harlem Globetrotters would cringe.

Instead of such a good morning…

Tony Gunsolin

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Dodgers right-hander Tony Gonzolin entered the All-Star Game with a perfect 11-0 regular-season record. The situation also lends itself to keeping his good times, as he has the opportunity to pitch in front of many home fans at Dodger Stadium. The result was not the storybook outing he expected.

  • In the first half of the fourth inning, Gonsolin allowed Stanton to hit the aforementioned 457-foot homer.
  • The next hitter, Twins slugger Byron Buxton, hit another home run to give AL a lead that would never give up.
  • It was the first back-to-back home run in an All-Star Game since Alex Bregman and George Springer in 2018. Jean Gonzolin’s first loss of the season – at his home.

Heck, that’s all you can say.

To be fair, Gonsolin’s team didn’t give him much. After scoring two runs on four hits in the first inning, the NL went on to a run (!) with a run for the remainder of the inning. Blue Jays’ Alek Manoah — great in his mic game — and Guardians’ Emanuel Klass are two of the many pitchers to dominate for the AL, The latter made a save as they each struck out wide.

Major League Baseball plans to expand to 32 teams ⚾

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Less than a month ago, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred told ESPN that he “wanted to be on 32 teams,” sparking a wave of expansion discussions. As it turns out, he also has the backing of the players — or at least their leaders. Tony Clark, Executive Director of the MLBPA told reporters on Tuesday He “hopes” the league will find itself “in a world of 32 teams instead of 30.”

  • Now may be the time for fresh blood in Major League Baseball, as the league is currently in the midst of its longest expansion drought since 1961 — the addition of the Rays and Diamondbacks in 1998 was the latest such move.
  • Speaking of the Rays, Manfred has said Tampa Bay and Oakland need new stadiums before the league considers expansion.
  • Manfred said last year that Major League Baseball wants more than $2 billion in expansion franchise fees, which would give 30 other owners a handsome payday.

As for cities that MLB could soon be home to, our MLB scribe Mike Axisa listed Charlotte, Montreal, Nashville, Portland and Las Vegas as the most viable options . Long-rumored Las Vegas as a potential destination for athletics will break the hearts of Oakland fans who have lost the beloved Raiders to Sin City.

While we’re sure the expansion to 32 teams will result in an additional 52 active roster spots and an additional 80 40-man roster spots, the rest of the impact is unpredictable. However, Axisa did its best.

  • axis: “Expanding to 32 teams could create two 16-team leagues and eliminate the need for daily inter-league games, although Universal DH eliminates that. Major League Baseball will likely realign to every A league with four teams of four, and possibly expanding the playoffs as well (14 teams?). That’s my guess, although it’s not hard to imagine expansion driving all of these changes.

Get ready for baseball fans: MLB is coming to your city sooner or later.

Nick Saban shuts down retirement rumors 🏈


A college football legend, Nick Saban is sixth on the all-time winning list and holds seven national championships among all coaches. However, some opposing coaches pointed to another number that they thought might work in their favor — but not Alabama — in the recruiting process — 70, Saban’s age.

Saban addressed the elephant in the room at SEC Media Day on Tuesday — the pun is outrageous, Explains that he loves his job and has no plans to retire anytime soon.

“I love my job. I love it,” Saban said on the SEC Web episode. “I love the relationship with the players, I love the game, preparing for the game. I just love it. I hope you all ask all the coaches who come here – because they tell recruits I’m going to retire – ask how they know I will Retire, and I just think about what I’d do if I retire because I love what I’m doing now. So how can I be unhappy? Coaching?”

He may have the competitive firepower of a much younger man, but Saban’s advanced age is still extremely rare among college football coaches. Saban is nine years older than the SEC’s second-oldest coach, Mike Rich of Mississippi State, and only two months younger than FBS’s oldest coach, Mike Brown of North Carolina.

Still, our college football expert David Cobb explains why Saban coaching into his 70s isn’t entirely unheard of.

  • Cobb: “However, the precedent of legendary coaches continues into the 70s. Bobby Bowden was 80 when he retired from Florida State after the 2009 season, and Joe Paterno was 84 when he retired from Penn State in 2011. Years old. If Saban’s playful response on Tuesday is anything to go by, those looking forward to an imminent retirement might get a head start.”

Alabama fans will surely hope that Saban’s philosophy that age is just a number proves to be true.

NFC East, the biggest problem facing AFC East teams 🏈

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All 32 NFL teams will have training camps open by July 26 at the latest, which means football is just around the corner. But while teams often show their integrity after offseason acquisitions, there are still some serious problems with even the most feared Super Bowl contenders.

Our NFL experts Cody Benjamin and Tyler Sullivan tackle the team’s biggest problems NFC East and AFC East, respectively. Here’s what they thought of the Eagles and Patriots, teams that met in Super Bowl 52 but have become somewhat rudderless in the years since.

  • Benjamin: Is Jalen Hurts ready to throw more shots? “As 2022 rolls around, that’s something the Eagles are more likely to evaluate, but it’s still very important given that the growth (or lack) of a young QB as a passer may affect all of these factors. AJ Brown, DeVonta Smith and Dallas Goedert make for a potentially elite receiving trio, but Hurts still has to prove he can often use his legs to win. The answer could determine Philly’s approach to QB in 2023 and beyond.
  • Sullivan: Will Joe Judge or Matt Patricia play offensively? “This is the biggest problem in New England since Josh McDaniels took the Raiders head coach job. As McJones enters a pivotal second year in the league, having a capable player is critical to his development IMPORTANT. While Bill Belichick may have a heavier hand on offense, it appears Judge or Patricia is holding the game sheet on game day. Given their offensive history at the head coaching station, both of these None of the selections particularly instill a ton of confidence, but a clear masthead would simplify things for a second year QB.”

In what has become an offense-centric league in the NFL, teams must have confidence in their quarterbacks and offensive players to succeed at the highest level. As training camp progresses, Philadelphia and New England should begin to see if Hurts and the seemingly humble duo of Judge and Patricia are up to the task.

What are we watching on Wednesday 📺

🏀 Skystorm, on NBA TV at 12pm ET
⚽ EURO 2022 Women’s Euro 2022 Quarterfinals: England vs Spain, 3pm ET, ESPN2

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