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Gauri Khan says Bollywood glamour becomes baggage for a businesswoman like her


  • Money, connections, and visibility are not enough to run your own successful business with verification.
  • However, the producer turns around and says that passion and love for what you do along with hard work, dedication can take you a long time interior designer gauri khan.
  • In her new collaboration, 200 lucky customers will receive a home designed by a celebrity artist Manish Malhotra and herself.

Entrepreneurship has never been a piece of cake, especially for women. So whether you’re a Gujarat artisan or the wife of a Bollywood superstar, it’s hard to find validation and convince people that you’re serious.

Filmmaker-turned-interior designer Gauri Khan ventured into luxury spaces nearly 10 years ago, and her brand, Gauri Khan Designs, hasn’t had all the trouble.

In a conversation with Business Insider, Khan said it’s hard for people to really trust you. “There will be a lot of people, especially in my field, when they have confidence in you, it’s because you’re married to so-and-so, but on the other hand, that’s a downside. They’ll be intimidated by you and don’t want to approach You, because you came with whims and fantasies, the whole thing came with baggage,” Khan said.

After successfully establishing herself as a designer of beautiful homes, she is now considering expanding her footprint in the design world. And, 199 lucky families will be able to live in homes designed by her and famous costume designer Manish Malhotra.

The pair have partnered with upscale interior design firm Bonito Designs to design custom homes for its first 199 clients. As part of a marketing campaign, Bonito is offering an initial handful the opportunity to houses designed by celebrity artists.

Guri Khan says Bollywood glamour becomes a burden for business women like her

Khan is also about to launch her pret collection. In fact, Gauri Khan Design is expected to go pan-India with this collaboration from Mumbai.

Khan went on to explain how she felt deep down as an artist and believed in her passion. “I never thought I’d be an interior designer when I was growing up, but I’ve always been an artist, leaning towards art and did a lot of sketching, charcoal, painting classes as an extension of it ,”she says.

Passion and love for what you do along with hard work, dedication is how Khan describes her journey and gives her two cents to the budding female entrepreneur.

“If you have love and passion for what you do, you will be successful and your career will be as you want it to be. The most important thing is hard work, passion and dedication to whatever business you choose,” Khan said. .

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