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Game Show Reveals Celebrity Spinoff


Another popular game show is adding celebrities.Fan-favorite high-stakes UK game show purse A series of celebrity specials will be launched.according to TV ZoneChannel4 ordered one purse The celebrity special will feature celebrities such as Claire Richards, Tom Reid Wilson and Dane Baptiste. The celebrity special will reportedly air later this year, with more celebrities to be announced at a later date.

The news comes after the official launch of Channel 4 purse Second season in February. The hit game show “High Stakes Quiz,” hosted by Craig Charles, tested contestants’ quick thinking skills. As the purses pass along the conveyor belt in front of them, contestants must grab the purse for the correct answer before the purse passes. The entrant with the correct answer will receive the value of the bag, which can range in value from £1,000 to £100,000. However, if they pick the wrong bag, the contestant could lose everything. Every week, a huge £1million purse also makes its way through the conveyor belt, for contestants to grab as many as they can.

After being commissioned by Channel 4 in July 2021, the network renewed the series for a second season in February, witnessing a “successful first season” of the show. It was announced at the time that Season 2 would consist of 30 60-minute shows.Day and Function Commissioner Jayne Stanger said in a press release: “We are delighted to bring back purse After the first series received an astonishing response. So excited to be back with Craig for more quick quizzes and tense moments for our daytime viewers. “

“After the first such a popular series, we’re excited to bring drama, fun and danger purse Back on Channel 4,” added Youngest Media executive producer David Flynn. “With another £1m a week on the line, Craig Charles will challenge even more contestants to make their fortunes and change their lives. .

purse Commissioned by Channel 4’s Head of Day and Functions Jo Street and Day and Functions Specialist Jayne Stanger. The series is produced by Youngest Media’s recently launched Leeds hub, Youngest North, with Michelle Woods, Aaron Rosenthal, Sean Parry and David Flynn serving as executive producers. A premiere date for the reported celebrity appearance has not been announced.

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