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Gabrielle Union Teaches Her Daughter How to Ride a Bike


The training wheels are coming off (finally)! On Thursday, Gabrielle Union shared a video of her 3-year-old daughter Kaavia James learning how to ride a bike for the first time. In a clip shared to Kaavia’s Instagram page, Union urged her daughter to move on, watching her ride a pink bike through the courtyard. Kaavia was slow at first, but then, encouraged by her mother, sped up as the words “Mom, I got it” appeared on the screen.

“Imagine me rolling around. NOW STARTED!!” the caption on the post read. “What do you want from the store, I’m going to run in a minute.” As she learned to pedal to the metal, Kavia wore a pink shirt to match her bike with matching handlebars There are matching auxiliary wheels and streamers.

Along with Dwyane Wade, Union is the parent of Kaavia (3), Xavier (8), Zaya (15) and Zaire (20). Wade also received full custody of his 21-year-old nephew, Dahveon Morris. But as Wade said in an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” despite being the youngest of a big mixed-race family, Kavia has her own personality. “She has her own personality. style and personality,” he said. “Through the pandemic, she has kept us all moving forward with some anticipation.”

In addition to cycling, Union has also been working with Kaavia on self-love, posting a video where she tells her daughter she has beautiful hair. “Teaching @kaaviajames to love every part of herself is a full-time job with no days off, but I see it as an act of love,” Union wrote on her Instagram. “I want Kaav to feel beautiful and powerful in every room she walks into, no matter who’s standing next to her,” she continued.

Stay tuned for other lessons the league has in store for her daughter.

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