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From Marathi movies to Bollywood, Nilu Phule won everyone’s heart with his acting


Nilu Phule is a famous actor in Marathi and Bollywood movies. Today is the anniversary of his death and we will learn more about him. Neelkanth Krishnaji Phule aka Nilu Bhau Phule made his drama debut and may not be well known today, but he was a power actor from the beginning. Nilu Phule started her film career with the 1968 film “Ek Gaon Bara Bhangadi”, a Marathi film he never looked back on.

He collaborated extensively in Marathi and Hindi films including Pinjra (1972), Saamana (1975), Jait Re Jait (1977), Don Baika Phajeeti Aika (1982), Woh 7 Din (1982), Coolie ( 1983) ) ), Mashal (1984) and Saaransh (1984).

In the last of his film career, Nilu Phule has become a grey shadow actor. At the same time, he was also loved by the audience. On the one hand, actors of that era used to portray their fears on screen with screaming dialogue, but instead, Nirupler’s silence created fear on screen. His mere presence on the screen also makes his point. His momentary silence caused a sensation in the audience.

Nilu Phule, who worked as a gardener at the Pune Armed Forces Medical College at the age of 17, donated 10 rupees of his monthly salary of 80 rupees to the National Service Group. In this 2009 film, Phule played a major role. But three months after the film was released, he died at the age of 79. Niruple played most of the roles of feudal lord, landlord, and leader. He’s already been a total social servant by nature, but he used to frighten children and women very much, and he was a regular presence in his speeches to us. All the women kept their distance from him.

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