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Frankie Jonas And Girlfriend Make Funny Halloween Costume Targeting Brother Joe And Ex Taylor Swift


In addition to poking fun at Taylor Swift’s purity ring, Frankie Jonas recreated a 2009 performance moment between Joe Jonas and his then girlfriend.

Though Frankie Jonas is younger than his two older brothers, he is by no means the least funny of them. In celebration of Halloween around the corner, Frankie surprised everyone by revealing his costume, which was hilariously reminiscent of his brother Joe Jonas. An homage to Joe and Taylor Swift was given by Frankie and his girlfriend.

For Halloween, Joe’s younger brother dressed up as his brother, while his girlfriend recreated Taylor Swift’s outfit from their 2009 performance together. The photo posted on Instagram, in which Frankie and Anna, who have been dating for months, are pictured as they recreates a moment from a former coupling’s past: when the then-boyfriend of fellow-Theory sister (now Annabell) Taylor stepped out on her during their most recent, 2008 3D concert film, Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience.

Joe and Taylor’s Silver Rings

Joe’s brother Frankie also shared a clip on TikTok that showed him and his girlfriend reenacting the performance and playing video game fighting sounds. To make it even more fun, he also poked fun at the purity ring Joe wore during the performance. The caption in the caption read, The 3D Movie Fighting Off Horny Celibate Teens and below, Frankie depicted two images: a photo of a person pretending to be Joe (lower image, cropped so their mouth and body are the only part shown), and a selfie he took while holding two thumbs-up and one single finger-under.

Before this, Joe was trolled by his wife Sophie Turner during the Jonas Brothers Family Roast when she made fun of his choice to wear a purity ring.

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas’ relationship

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas, from 2008-2008, date briefly and broke up with Swift during what she called a 27-second phone call. Since then, they both have found other significant people in their lives and, while Jonas is now married to Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, Swift is in a relationship with Joe Alwyn. Taylor and Joe have no bad blood now, and Joe’s wife is an ardent Swiftie.

Joe and Sophie joined Swift at the afterparty of Saturday Night Live in November 2021 to support her after she performed music on the show.

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