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Former Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo wins playoff for third American Century Celebrity Championship title


INTERSTATE LINE, Nevada — There was some drama at the end of the 2022 US Century Celebrity Golf Championship after Mark Mulder held the lead for most of the day.

It boiled down to a sudden death drama between two playoff holes and three players — Mark Mulder, Tony Romo and Joe Pavelski — to determine the winner. It was the first three-man playoff in tournament history and the fifth, and it ended in last year’s playoffs when Vinny Del Negro defeated John Smoltz.

They played twice on the 18th, and Romo became the champion after knocking down the 18th for the second time.

All three finished the regular season with 62 points. Romo had 25 points on Sunday to tie for the lead. Mulder had 17 points on Sunday and Pavelski had 27 on the modified Stableford scoring system.

Mulder held the lead after the first two days, and did so for most of Sunday.

But he said he played too conservatively on Sunday.

“I’m not nervous, I’m not scared, I’m nothing. I have clues. Unfortunately, I’m just playing conservatively. It’s that simple,” Mulder said.

Romo made four birdies and a bogey on Sunday.

“You fight really hard for the final spot. Once you’re there, it’s actually — it’s fun. That’s what makes it enjoyable. The hard part is getting there,” Romo said. “But it feels like once you’re there, you’re really locked into what you’re doing. You don’t do this or that; you’re like 100 percent, I call it. That’s what I’m in the back nine hole and in the playoffs and try to do it every time. But that just narrows your focus further.”

Romo said all his wins at Edgewood were special, but this one stood out a bit because his kids are older and appreciate it more.

“One of the more special things I would say is my kids are getting older too. Jones is 4 so he will have a little glimpse and memory of that, but Hawke at 10 and 8 And Reeve, they just love it that much,” Romo said. “They were so nervous. They followed me and they were like, ‘Come on, Dad. Come on. If you do that, we have a chance. If you keep playing well, you can get third,” he said. dad.'”

“And then he said, ‘I don’t think you can do better than third. This is crazy.’ I was like, I know. Then you can’t eat ice cream from the trophy tonight, son.”

Pavelski, who plays for the Dallas Stars, will become the second active NHL player to win a tournament. Mario Lemieux won it in 1998.

Annika Sorenstam tied for fourth with Adam Thielen and Mardy Fish for sixth.

It was Romo’s third victory at the US Century Championship Celebrity Golf Championship, with other victories coming in 2018 and 2019.

Mulder also won the ACC three times since the 2015-17 season. Rick Rhoden won seven times and Dan Quinn won four times.

Romo doesn’t have time to celebrate, as he will play the U.S. Amateur qualifier in Texas on Monday.

The total prize is $600,000, of which $125,000 goes to the winner. But Romo donated his winnings to charities in South Lake Tahoe.

Over the years, the event has raised $6 million for charity.

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