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Ford’s newest Mustang continues to use pure gasoline


The new Mustang will be offered with both a 5.2-liter V8 and a 2.83-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, just like today’s Mustang. The engines have been enhanced for the 2024 Mustang, however, to produce more power, burn significantly less fuel, and produce more torque. Ford, however, has not said exactly how much more powerful the V8 will be. What they have promised is that it will be the most powerful naturally aspirated – that is, not turbocharged or supercharged – V8 ever installed in a base Mustang GT.

“Investing in an additional generation of Mustang is a significant statement at a time when several of our competitors are exiting the internal combustion car business enterprise,” Ford Motor Company CEO Jim Farley said in a statement.

While Ford announced plans for a hybrid Mustang back in 2017, the company has since introduced all-electric vehicles, such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E SUV and the Ford F-150 Lightning pickup, as well as plug-in hybrids. Ford spokesman Mike Levine says that means the hybrid Mustang coupe was not necessary to meet Ford’s emissions reduction targets.

The Ford Mustang will continue to be built even when its competitors ditch gas-powered overall performance coupes such as the Dodge Challenger, said Kumar Galhotra, who heads Ford Blue, a division focused on internal combustion cars.

“We created this investment mainly because we see, for the foreseeable future, that there will be a industry for internal combustion Mustangs,” he stated.

Basic Motors, Ford’s rival, has set a deadline of 2035 for its lineup to be all-electric, but Ford has not committed to an equivalent goal in the United States.

Despite having a completely new exterior, the 2024 Mustang coupe is clearly reminiscent of previous models. The headlights are thinner and have three light strips in a line forming a virtual eyebrow. In addition, the trunk area is shorter and the section of the back bumper where the taillights are positioned is deeply recessed, giving the lights a natural V shape. There is a significant difference between the grilles of V8 and four-cylinder vehicles. V8-powered Mustang GTs also have a significant heat extraction vent in the hood which vents air coming by way of the radiator as well as reducing the aerodynamic drag of the vehicle.

Although the exterior of the car or truck may resemble a classic Mustang, the interior has been substantially modified. A single significant screen replaces traditional analog gauges, and acts as a central touchscreen. The gauges and richly detailed on-screen graphics are highly customizable, as are most of the car’s interior lights in the half of the screen not straight ahead of the driver.

For those looking to reclaim the Mustangs of their youth, Ford is most attractive to Gen Xers and Millennials, apparently moving away from the Infant Boomers who purchased the first pony car or truck. In other words, there is even a Fox News Physique Gauge solution which displays measurements like these on Mustangs from the 1980s.


Ford wants to make the Mustang more accessible to a new generation of drivers, providing assistance for on-road safety in various ways such as an active cruise handle and lane hold assistance, with automatic emergency braking as well. Regardless, it will not be accompanied by Blue Cruise, Ford’s hands-free highway driving function. The notion was that Mustang buyers, who are buying a car or truck that’s designed for driving enjoyment, wouldn’t want to take their hands off the wheel.

Unfortunately, regardless of your opinion, owners of the new Mustang will be able to enjoy one of their favorite pastimes–starting the car, only to stop and do the same revving again–without ever getting in the car. Drivers will be able to run the engine to higher speeds without a key with just a single push of a button on the remote keychain. With each press, the motor will increase and reduce a number of times. This is an entertainment feature, and it has no practical purpose.

Though the car or truck has a classic-style parking brake that is operated by a lever, it is actually an electronic parking brake of the sort you will typically find on most other cars. It may be possible to move the rear wheels to the side or drift with the parking brake lever in certain cases.

Currently, the Mustang is the last car or truck sold by Ford in the United States, instead of a truck or SUV. A new Ford Mustang in 2024, the seventh generation of the car, will go on sale this coming summer.

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