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Following a 12-hour line wait, David Beckham sheds a few tears as he pays his respects to the late Queen.


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At Westminster Hall, where the late Queen’s casket is on display, David Beckham pays the monarch a visit.

While the late Queen’s casket was positioned at Westminster Hall, the public was invited to pay their respects.
After Queen Elizabeth II passed away, her laying-in-state casket was placed at Westminster Hall so that anyone who wished the late monarch well may do so. After waiting in line for 12 hours to visit the Queen and bid his final farewell to the monarch, football phenomenon David Beckham finally made his way through the crowd on Friday.

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Without his renowned family, Beckham was seen in the Hall standing in line with the general public and even interacting with some of his followers along the way. He was photographed crying and brushing his tears away as he paid tribute to the late Queen. He was reportedly spotted at one point standing with other mourners and hiding his face in his hands, according to Page Six. Around two in the morning, he got in line and waited more than 12 hours to see the Queen’s casket.

According to sources, Beckham was unconcerned with the attention he was receiving from the public while he waited in line. He may have even purchased a dozen doughnuts to keep his admirers upbeat while they waited in line. As he visited the location where the Queen lay in state, Beckham reportedly took off his hat while still dressed appropriately for the occasion in a black suit. According to some sources, Beckham kept things low-key at first, but as the day went on, more and more people began to recognise the well-known football player. As soon as people saw him, they flocked to take pictures of him, but Beckham wouldn’t let them until he had paid his respects to the Queen.

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