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[Fertility Struggles] Jennifer Aniston Receives Supportive Message From Ex Justin Theroux


Jennifer Aniston recently revealed her struggles with infertility during her 30s and 40s in an interview, as well as some old details about her past relationships and divorces.

Actress Jennifer Aniston is on the cover of Allure magazine for the second time and is opening up about her struggles to have children with husband Justin Theroux. She revealed in the interview that after undergoing a decade of in-vitro fertilization and dealing with fertility struggles in her late 30s and early 40s, she decided that maybe motherhood just wasn’t in her destiny and decided to end treatments. She also shared rare insight into her past marriages, divorces and custody of her children.

In a recent interview, the Friends star mostly put an end to all the rumours about her marriages and her desire to avoid having children. Aniston also discussed how she tried everything to get pregnant, recalling how difficult it was to deal with at the time. She told Allure, “Chinese teas, IVF, you name it, I was doing it all. I was giving it everything I had. If someone had told me to “freeze your eggs,” I would have donated anything. Make a favour to yourself. You simply don’t consider it. I am now where I am. The ship has left port.”

The response of Justin Theroux to Jennifer Aniston’s voyage

Ex-husband Justin Theroux made sure to express his support for actress Jennifer Aniston as she was candid about her prior marriages. Aniston was also frank about her infertility issues. Theroux commented on Jennifer’s Instagram image and put a heart and fist bump emojis underneath it. The ex-couples have a history of friendship and have been seen joking about on social media in the past.

Jennifer on converting Justin’s former workplace into a “babe cave”

Aniston gave a home tour and gently talked about her ex-husband Justin Theroux in the same Allure interview. She also showed off his old office, which she had converted into a “babe cave.” Speaking of his response to how she altered his workspace, the actress continued, “Justin worked in this space. You might guess that he prefers dark and gloomy stuff. I simplified it and stripped it all away. When he arrived, he exclaimed, “What the f**k did you do?” “I brought the light back in, buddy,” I said.”

Prior to divorcing in 2018, Jennifer and Justin were married for two years. Although they are no longer together, the two have stayed friends. Theroux once described their breakup with her as being the most civil he had ever had.

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