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Famed for House Of The Dragon Emily Carey wears a necklace resembling Kerala’s indigenous mullamottu mala.


Image Source: Tumgir

Emily Carey wore a gorgeous necklace in episode two of the continuing House of the Dragon series, which internet users believe to be the traditional mullamottu mala of Kerala. To learn more, keep reading!

All Game of Thrones fans are feeling inspired by the spin-off series House of the Dragon, and we couldn’t be happier! It’s great to see some contemporary aspects snuck into the clothes and accessories providing each character their unique fashion specialty, even if each character and their costume design are to the point gently merging in with their demeanor and the house they belong to. Although Emily Carey, who plays Alicent Hightower, may be one of the characters that you come to despise, her style is just so amazing!

Image Source: Head Topics

We saw Alicent Hightower wearing a cobalt blue dress in episode 2, “The Rogue Prince,” and I’ve already told my tailor to make me something similar! She wore a full-length dress without any adornments or embroidery, but it stood out because of its texture and panelled stitching. With its cut-out neckline and sleeve details, it had a more modern feel. Our attention was drawn to her brass necklace, though. Yes, the mullamottu mala in the Keralan way.

Traditional jewelry called a mullamottu mala is primarily worn by Malay women. It is one of the essential ornaments worn by South Indian brides, especially those from Malaysia. The jasmine-bud-shaped embellishments affixed to a chain of gold or brass serve as the primary means of identification despite the fact that it comes in a variety of shapes and lengths. People on the internet are excited to see some South Indian design on their (and our) favourite House of the Dragon series!

Image Source: Vedar news

The mullamottu mala enhanced Emily Carey’s luxurious simple dress with grace and elegance, and she looked just stunning. She accessorised with the necklace and delicate gold earrings and looked stunning from head to toe. Special kudos should be given to the hairdo and minimal makeup!

The girl might not make a great companion, but she can inspire you with her fashion sense! What do you think about her fashionable mallu-style mullamottu mala?

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