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Exclusive! ‘It didn’t work out for me,’ says Kajol on letting Aarya go; talks about her 30-years in Bollywood


That was 30 years ago, and 17-year-old Kajol, then still in school, was getting ready for her debut, Bekhudi. The actor, who completed three decades in the Hindi film industry this July, was inevitably overwhelmed. “It’s shocking,” she admits when asked about her 30-year journey. She added: “I didn’t even realise I was finishing 30 years. Pata bhi chala aur 30 saal guzaar gaye. I was overwhelmed. It felt like I started yesterday. Then I looked at my kids and I was like bacche bhi bade ho gaye toh time toh paas hua hoga zarur. I am grateful that so many people have given me such wonderful scripts and roles – from Abbas Mustan to Karan (Johar, director) Adi ( Aditya Chopra, film producer) to my husband (Ajay Devon), who wasn’t my husband at the time.”

A decade later, the actor will also venture into a new area — streaming platforms. Kajol will be appearing in a digital series, and while she confirms it with “I’m going OTT,” she really can’t say much. Speaking of digital space, she elaborates, “Ott gives you a more free platform. I think jab aap pics karte ho screen ke liye toh itni saari pabandiyan hoti hain, itni saari cheezein hoti hain jo aap nahi kar sakte screen pe Write mein change karna padta hain. You can’t do that, say this, etc. There’s a lot of limitations in itself. Then you worry about morcha lagega, political pressure, kuch aur hoga.” Having said that, Kajol casually admits that she doesn’t Worried, however, “writers and producers worry about it.” She added, “More than me, unko darne ki zaroorat hai, unke paise lage huye hain.”

Interestingly, not many people know that her OTT debut could have happened a few years ago, as filmmaker Ram Madhavani had the card in mind when remaking the Dutch thriller Penoza Joel. The series was later remade with Mori as the titular character Aarya. “I was (approached),” Kajol said when asked about it. Asked if she’d seen the show, she said, “I did and I really liked the script. But it didn’t work for me personally at the time.” Was it because of the date? “There are other reasons,” she said.

Kajol also revealed that she has accepted an Oscar invitation to be part of the Oscars committee. “Yes of course. I’m very grateful for that. I’m very happy and excited to hear the news,” she said. She also mentioned the pressure of her not taking any responsibility. “Dekha jayega jab hoga,” she quipped.

Speaking of awards, the multi-award-winning actor shared: “Awards are great. I love the idea of ​​getting an award. But as I said, it’s an idea. It’s those five minutes of fame you have. It doesn’t bring me that much when I hear that my film is well done or that I’ve been well received. My award is that my film is well done.”

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