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Exclusive: Diego Luna, Genevieve O’Reilly from the Andorans star in the prequel to c They talk rebellion, war and more.


The Star Wars universe has been undergoing expansion in an interesting fashion with various movies that have ranges of differences. However, they have shown similarities so far. So the demand for more rich stories from the Star Wars universe has been acknowledged. They created a new show named Andor to add to the Star Wars universe and cast a character named Cassian Andor played by Diego Luna. Ahead of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, set five years before, the much-awaited prequel series tells us the backstory of the rebel hero. The result is a grounded, nuanced story about ordinary people who faced down the Empire. It builds on the 2016 edition, but forays into the unexpected to reveal a fascinating and captivating story.

Aside from Diego Luna, Tony Gilroy’s show features a return of Genevieve O’Reilly’s Mon Mothma, the Andor General. In the show, the actors discuss returning to their characters and other aspects of the rebellion.

When asked to look back and talk about what makes the protagonist in the first Rogue One film, Diego Luna of Dirty Dancing 2 fame, tick, he talks about Rogue One. He explained, i wrote a backstory for my character. Every time you prepare for a role you do that and you create a little story so you know where they’re coming from – what triggers this line or this action. This time, we did it in collaboration, which was great. In the past, I always was conscious of what I was thinking and of how close or not those thoughts were to coming true, and now they’re so crystal-clear to me. We’re working close to what we are doing now, which is great. I have a very strong connection with Andor, and I like the way he thinks. And, with all due respect, I trust the creator, Tony Gilroy so much. That’s why when he told me the story and what happened as a kid, I thought, yeah, that’s great. It connects with my story. At least in essence, they are quite similar.”

As we already know how Cassian’s story ends, Luna believes making a prequel will bring both challenges and opportunities. it was a very interesting process to go back as far as we did and make it as hard as we did for someone to meet him in Rogue One. And there’s a lot that’s gonna happen in this story. You are not going to believe where he ends up, that’s the idea. We go as far as possible from that man we meet in Rogue One. That was a great challenge.”

He added, “You never anticipate the ending of a show like that when you start working on it. We know what we want someone to do, so how complicated can we make it for them when we already know where they are going? In reality, we already know what he’s capable of, but the real question is how he’ll discover that.

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Genevieve O’Reilly reflected on how the politics of Star Wars (and the real world) has changed over the years. Talking about the realistic tone of the show, she said, well, we talk a lot about the political realities in our world, and the creator, Tony Gilroy, has been very interested in that for a long time. He’s written about those themes for years in the spy genre. You will notice how similar some of the political themes are. You will notice how similar some of the political themes are. They are deeply human and you will undoubtedly recognize some of the things we are dealing with now. From my point of view and from the point of my character, how important is a space for a diplomatic voice? I think undoubtedly, art and culture reflect reality over time, whether it is revolution or war. I think diplomacy is crucial as well as advocating for solutions to these cases. Our art and sci-fi storytelling reflect our own sense of self, and Andor is set within the Star Wars universe.”

It is a deeply human film, it has to do with human things and with navigating the world’s many cultures. The film is full of metaphors. Our contemporary time can be found in it too, that’s the meaning of Star Wars and Andor, The Empire and all the planets. We have it here on Earth.

There’s an on-demand screening of the Star Wars series available right now.

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