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Emmy Nominations: No One Knows How to Watch TV Anymore


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First, let me put on my old grumpy hat. This won’t be a column full of complaints, but there will be some. That’s because the Emmy nominations came out this week, and while they offered all the usual surprises and vicious snubs, they included something else: the names of many shows that came out more than four months ago, and the stunning Programs rarely start in the spring.

Back in my time (see? Grumpy), most shows came out in the fall, and people had months to watch them. That’s changed with premium cable networks and streaming services, who drop shows at will, or are more likely to get attention at times when network shows go down. This year, great shows starring A-list stars have reached a whole new level – Showtime the first ladyfor Apple TV+ essex snake– Spring landing. Generally speaking, it is a pleasure to have new TVs to watch in spring and summer, but this year there are too many, and many viewers have given up.

Not just the general audience, but also members of the TV Academy. “I just don’t think there’s any way for a voter to actually try to watch at least one episode,” one member told Vanity Fair Earlier this month.Not that anyone really needs to care That It’s like the idea of ​​Emmy voters — “like what you like,” I always say — but problems arise when even those who watch TV for their jobs can’t keep up.

Last month, my colleague Jason Kehe pointed out that no one knows how to watch movies anymore. He’s right; people just look at things in weird ways now, as secretly as they can. There’s nothing wrong with that in itself, but it leaves everyone with a whole bunch of half-finished — and often never finished — shows.It’s no surprise that many of the newcomers in the past year have been on the show Severance pay and yellow jacket Both are released in the fall and winter and are released weekly, allowing for slow hype. If you find them two or even four weeks late, you won’t feel like you’re missing out completely. (return, Severance pay and yellow jacket Really good. )

Frankly, I don’t know if this will escalate to the level of A Problem. If anything, it’s an annoyance, and no one complains about too many good TVs. It’s just, well, a lot of stuff is missing.How to do Reservation dog, Our flag means deathand we are ladies parts No Emmy nominations?How to do stairs only get two?no offense Euphoriathe world’s s, or Ted Russos, but it’s frustrating. Maybe it’s time we all start our annual telethon in the fall.

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