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Emma Thompson Opens Up About Her Blindness to Kenneth Branagh’s Affair With Helena Bonham Carter


In a recent interview with the New Yorker, Emma Thompson discussed her difficult divorce from her first spouse Kenneth Branagh as well as other topics.

In a recent interview with The New Yorker, Emma Thompson talked candidly about her difficult split from her ex-husband Kenneth Branagh in 1995. The couple, who had first connected while appearing together in the BBC series Fortunes of War, wed in 1989 and, up until their final divorce, were even referred to in the British media as the “Golden Couple.”

Thompson was open about realising that Branagh had cheated on her in a recent interview. When he played love interests in the 1994 movie Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the actor and director met Helena Bonham Carter, with whom he later had an affair. Carter played Victor Frankenstein’s adoptive sister and fiancée, and Branagh directed and appeared as the title character.

On being “blind” to Branagh’s affair, Emma Thompson

I was completely, completely unaware that he had connections with other women on set, the Nanny McPhee actor admitted in an interview with The New Yorker. “What I learnt,” she said, “is how simple it is to be deluded by your own desire to deceive yourself.” Previously, the actress had discussed her iconic Love Actually sequence depicting anguish after learning of her husband’s infidelity and revealed that it was inspired by a true story as she admitted in a 2018 interview that she had her “heart very brutally shattered by Ken.”

About Emma Thompson’s divorce

In a recent interview, the 63-year-old actress also discussed how traumatic her 1995 divorce from Branagh was for her, claiming that she was only “half alive” at the time. “Any sense of being a loveable or worthy person has utterly vanished,” she continued. Reminiscing about how she first fell in love with Kenneth while they were coworkers, she said that he was “incandescent with ambition and performance energy.”

Emma said she was “embarrassed mostly” by their high-profile nickname after they got married, even though the British media regarded them as a power couple. They certainly didn’t feel like it. Emma Thompson wed Greg Wise in 2003 after her divorce from Branagh, where they had first met while filming Sense and Sensibility.

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