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Dr Khoja helps Bollywood personalities in attaining missing name, fame with vastu


Midday in Dubai, as an iconic Bollywood celebrity, Dr. Khoja is well-known in film, corporate and political circles. Khoja, Dr. Vastu, introduced himself: “Clients don’t need to tell me their problems because as soon as I visit a client’s home, I immediately find all their problems, which is my USP,” adding that he is A master Nadi astrology expert. “I am very grateful for this recognition at Noon, so I feel like this is my Diwali gift from this publishing house,” said the famous astrologer, who was also recently awarded TOI’s iconic brand.

Nadi Astrology

What exactly is Nadi astrology about? Khoja revealed: “In Naadi astrology, we have to count the 48th house instead of the 12th house as in the Vedic way, which gives a more accurate picture of the actual situation of the problems that the individual is facing now and the problems that are expected later. Also, in the future A solution can be provided, such as if a student wants to choose between pursuing an MBA or entering the Bollywood industry; A definite solution can be predicted. Nadi astrology experts can actually come up with a specific number if the readings indicate He’s going to be a star; then he’s going to be a star. That’s the level of perfection,” he explained, explaining that the science is more perfect than ordinary astrology.

There are several astrologers out there but gaining knowledge and expertise in Nadi astrology is a difficult task as it is based on complex scientific calculations so only a few practice it, as he says, “Most of my clients Came to me from other astrologers after not getting satisfactory guidance. In this case, we have specific remedies, if Saturn is in his sixth house, we can give an example and then go through some simple and Cheap remedy, we can change it to another favorable house or position. As someone with Saturn in his sixth house, he risks going to jail.”

When we meet people who are facing barriers to marriage or who are not successful, their birth charts can pinpoint this. “A misleading practice followed by other astrologers is that they often target huge sums of money to intimidate and intimidate their clients. Through detailed calculations and the use of sophisticated software Naadi Astrology, we can fine-tune parameters to pinpoint the exact problem , it can also provide solutions. Vastu can further easily bring faster and productive results as one’s life foundation is Vastu and Kundli and Naadi astrology are its ingredients. Once the foundation is fine-tuned, then other things fall into their place accordingly,” Khoja said.

What is Vastu?

How do laymen understand what Vastu is? He explained: “Like we have a ‘vase’ in our house, ‘Vas’ is a Sanskrit word that depicts a house of flowers and ‘Tu’ means my own. It just means ‘my house’. Most of our families have basic problems with toilets in hourly apartments. You must have noticed that our ancestors always put toilets outside our house, so they had almost no problems. Today, we find toilets attached to bedrooms apartment configuration. This has led to increased problems and an even more disturbing condition of toilets in our units. See attached table.”

What if the existing location of the toilet is not within the desired area? “We can find a way to lock in the interior, by using certain remedies without any physical renovations, to lock in the negative energy, as some housing associations don’t allow that. That’s how Vastu helps limit the negative energy at the point itself. Place. This is the most common problem in over 80% of households.”

Becoming a Bollywood brand is easy

Dr. Khoja with Vastu PhD is a Naadi Astrology Specialist with specializations in Lal Kitab Remedies, Ramal (Persian), Face Reading, Palm Reading, Numerology, Losu Grid, Hebrew (Egypt), Kabala (Spanish) Knowledge. He is selective with Bollywood clients while remaining cautious, saying: “My clients come from all sectors, such as Bollywood, corporate and political clients. My message to Bollywood celebrities is that it is very easy to be a brand. Anyone can become a brand after making a few recommended small changes to their house. I help activate specific areas in my clients’ homes, which helps speed up the process of branding myself. In fact, for any individual in business or politics It’s easy, too.”

Can our readers do any case studies without naming clients? Khoja is ready for the problem, “A few months ago, a mother approached me for a remedy for her unemployed daughter in the US who was experiencing depression and suicidal tendencies. I prescribed therapy to my mother in Mumbai. , mother was ecstatic with such positive results in just two months. In another example, I had a client who was well known in politics but whose house was accident prone and had someone or other Man got sick. With some small remedies, I locked down the accidental area detected near the entrance of his house and so far there have been no incidents at his house.”

“A recent case was of a Bollywood professional whose career had been in a dull phase for a long time. After consulting me, the gentleman has taken on a big project for a well-known production company and his life is now set In this particular case of Naadi astrology, the Bollywood client had “Mangal” in the 12th house of his natal chart, and a very low cost remedy was in his house in just a few days. Such amazing results in a career.”

Here’s what Dr. Vastu and Naadi astrology expert Khoja (also known as Astro Science Dr. Khoja) predicted for Bollywood’s future: “Our entertainment industry is going through the most difficult period in over a century. I feel that after this Diwali , Bollywood’s horse-drawn carriage will hit the tracks immediately, and then it will be the super fast express ride of the future era. While OTT platforms have eaten into its market, cinemas will also witness this craze as before. Happy Days Again Here comes.” www.astrovastuwala.com

Disclaimer: No Deccan Chronicle reporters were involved in creating this content. The group also accepts no responsibility for this content.

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