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Don’t let this happen to you: A boy’s tragic death from a scorpion sting while putting on his shoe

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When a seven-year-old child in Brazil was stung by one of the world’s most venomous scorpions while putting on his shoes, he had seven heart attacks.

Two days after being stung by a Brazilian yellow scorpion, or Tityus serrulatus, a species with exceptionally poisonous venom that is thought to be responsible for hundreds of fatalities in the nation, Luiz Miguel Furtado Barbosa passed away on October 25 at a hospital.

On Sunday morning last week, the four members of a Sao Paulo state family who reside in Anhembi city were getting ready for a camping vacation.

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However, Luiz Miguel, who enjoyed the water and was looking forward to the adventure, was wearing his shoe to get ready when the scorpion struck him, according to his mother Angelita Proença Furtado, who spoke to Brazilian daily O Globo.

He yelled in anguish as soon as he put it on. We continued looking since we couldn’t find what had hurt him. However, he noticed a change in colour in his leg and reported increasing pain, she said.

To find out what bit the youngster, they hastily searched the house.

Five minutes after the boy was stung, Ms. Proença Furtado and her husband Eraldo Barbosa discovered the deadly yellow scorpion and transported their son to Hospital das Clnicas de Botucatu, where a scorpion antivenom would have been readily available.

According to the mother, who used her son’s nickname, Miguelzinho experienced four heart arrests at the hospital’s pediatric ward. The parents were informed by the doctors that the harm could not be repaired.

After what had transpired, Ms. Proença Furtado stated she had given up on his recuperation and recalled: “When I went in to see him, I put my palm on his head and surrendered him with all my heart to his true owner. I uttered these exact words: “Lord, he is yours!” Take care of him and bring him with you. May your will, not mine, be done.

But as he opened his eyes and attempted to speak to her the following day, the boy’s condition appeared to improve. But because Luiz Miguel was so agitated, he had to be put under again.

The youngster experienced three more cardiac arrests on Tuesday, and as a result, his health started to decline and he passed away that same day.

This was the “worst moment of my life,” according to Ms. Proença Furtado. She and her husband had knelt at the hospital, praying for the life of their kid.

The mother recalled how anxious her kid had been on the day they were getting ready to go camping. He appeared to want to experience everything he could in one day.

Today, I see that it appears as though he was genuinely pressed for time.

In response to the boy’s passing, the Anhembi municipal council announced a three-day period of formal mourning and posted a message of sympathy to Instagram.

In Brazil, scorpion bites frequently result in fatalities. Since 2000, there has been a tenfold increase in the number of persons who have been stung by lethal yellow scorpions. According to Brazil’s health ministry, incidences increased from 12,000 accidents in 2000 to 156,000 in 2018.

The species is parthenogenetic, which means a female can reproduce up to 30 times per year without the aid of a male partner.

The number of scorpions has increased over time. The silent predator has been discovered in a variety of settings, including houses, schools, and even the Brazilian Senate.

The climate crisis, which has led to hotter and rainier conditions that are ideal for scorpion habitat, has been partially blamed for their growth.

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