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Doja Cat Posts TikTok Mocking Amber Heard Testimony


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It’s been a busy week for Doja Cat.First, she hit the headlines when she spoke out Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp has leaked a private DM she asked for a relationship with his co-star Joseph Quinn. Then, Doja apparently decided it was a good time to record a TikTok parody of Amber Heard’s testimony in a defamation trial, in which Heard recounts what she says was years of violent abuse by her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

The trial ended in June with a jury finding Hurd guilty of defaming Depp in a 2018 op-ed that he identified as a “public figure representing domestic abuse” (though a British judge in an earlier trial found her allegations were credible). One of the many fragments of her testimony was taken out of context forgotten In the Depp stans article, Heard describes her dog stepping on a bee, which she mentions when she recalls the day she said Depp performed a “cavity search” to find his medication in her vagina.

Following her testimony, Twitter users filmed clips of themselves parodying the moment. Even though the trial ended a few weeks ago, Doja Cat appears to have jumped on the bandwagon. The video, titled “I as a dog owner, can finally speak honestly…” shows Doja talking about her own dog stepping on a bee. “It’s really sad because, like, she’s a puppy, my dog,” she said before imitating Hurd, repeating “my dog ​​stepped on a bee” while wincing and tilting her head .

One Recorded Instagram Live Doja is shown explaining that her dog did step on a bee, although it’s unclear why she chose to share the news by mocking a woman’s testimony of sexual assault. She’s not the first celebrity to express anti-Hurd sentiment. It was especially distressing that abuse survivors watched the game online during the trial, with Courtney Love and Ireland Baldwin issuing public statements against Hurd (which they later expressed remorse). Doja appears to have deleted the video, but not before it went viral.

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