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Does Vaseline Thicken Your Brows?



Who doesn’t adore thick, fluffy, and full eyebrows? We understand that the 1990s’ thin eyebrow trends left you feeling disappointed. Many of us overplucked for years without realizing how much we would later regret it. The good news is that brows develop quickly! There are now a tone of resources available that show us how to take care of our brows in between waxing or threading appointments.

You may have tried a brow growth serum, castor oil, or even coconut oil to condition and nourish those delicate brow hairs if you want to give your brows a little boost and encourage healthy hair growth. However, are you aware that Vaseline can be applied to eyebrows?

Vaseline deeply conditions hair and fosters a healthy environment for the growth of thicker eyebrows, even though it doesn’t exactly promote hair growth on its own. After speaking with a professional, it is evident that this common item turned beauty trick has many benefits for the eyebrows that we were unaware of. Learn everything you need to know about applying Vaseline to your priceless brows by reading on.

What Exactly Is Vaseline?
Vaseline, also known as petroleum jelly, is an inexpensive and widely used occlusive product. It frequently adds a protective layer to treat minor burns or scrapes, and it also works to treat diaper rash.

Among its countless other beauty advantages, this wonder ointment can be used to treat chapped or cracked lips intensively, shield skin from nail polish stains, and remove heavy cream makeup.

Vaseline’s most well-known beauty application, however, is the “slugging” skincare trick. If you’re not familiar, watch this TikTok that walks you through it. In general, petrolatum is the most useful and DIY-friendly product there is.

While it does not itself moisturize, it does seal in existing hydration and stop trans-epidermal water loss. It’s a dermatologist favorite because an allergic reaction to it is uncommon, according to Dani.


Vaseline for Eyebrows: What Are the Benefits?
There is no proof that Vaseline affects actual hair growth, so the main advantage of using it on eyebrows is to give the appearance of thicker brows and a stylized effect, claims Dani.

Vaseline, according to her, can keep brow hair moisturized by retaining moisture, and it’s best used as a skin protectant when the weather is harsh (windy, cold, or dry), or when the skin is irritated.

Vaseline can keep brow hairs soft and is a powerful moisturizer.

Vaseline can heal and reduce redness in the skin beneath your brows if you have dry skin.

Vaseline is a great eyebrow conditioner for even the most delicate skin types because it is fragrance-free and suitable for the eye area.

It can give the appearance of fuller brows and a stylized effect similar to brow gel.

By retaining moisture, maintaining the health of the follicles, and preventing hair loss, Vaseline keeps eyebrow hairs moisturized.

How Should I Apply Vaseline to My Brows?
Applying Vaseline to your brows is best done at night as part of your skincare routine. To evenly apply it to your brow hairs, all you need is a mascara wand (or spoolies). On Amazon, you can get them for a very low price. Additionally, they are excellent for all brow and eyelash needs. As if applying eyebrow gel, brush up the hairs on your brows. extremely simple

Is using it safe?
Vaseline is safe to use on skin, and it has no negative side effects.

Vaseline or similar products are frequently kept in makeup artists’ kits for editorial looks, such as a “wet” brow or lash look. “It is safe to use around the eyes,” says Dani. Just be aware if that applies to your skin type. If you do have skin that is more oily or acne prone, a product as occlusive as petroleum jelly could potentially clog your pores.

Vaseline doesn’t work well on top of color cosmetics and makeup either. Remember that using it over brow makeup, such as pencils, will cause the product to breakdown, and using it underneath a brow product will make it impossible for it to stay in place because you’ve created slip, advises Dani.

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