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Dilip Kumar & his evergreen relationship with Hyderabad


Hyderabad: Be it his nearly 6-year green career, his epic love story with Saira Banu, or his Pakistani roots, legendary Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar (Dilip Kumar)’s life has always been a topic of interest to fans, and it’s even more so now as the world grieves on his first anniversary of his death. The internet is full of anecdotes and reminiscence stories about his journey, however, little is known about Dilip Kumar’s long-term relationship with “Nizams City – Hyderabad”.

“The King of Tragedy” Dilip Kumar has a deep relationship with Hyderabad and one of the most memorable events was his coming to Qutub Shahi Tombs in 1987 for his film “Kanoon Apna Apna”. According to The Times of India, Dilip even took time out of filming to explore the mausoleum and visited the mausoleum of Hyderabad founder Sultan Muhammad Kuri Kutushah. From there, apparently, he also saw the Charminar and was surprised by the relic.

Dilip Kumar at the Qutub Shahi cemetery in 1987 (Photo: Reddit)

Another memorable moment he spent in Hyderabad was a cricket match and musical performance at the LB Stadium in 1963 to raise money for the Indian Defence Fund. The show was a huge extravaganza, attended by at least 80 other Bollywood actors, and the entire stadium was decorated like a movie set.

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In addition, his visit in the early 1950s to the residence of Maharaja Kishen Pershad, Prime Minister of the Prince of Hyderabad, is still unforgettable.

Dilip Kumar’s relationship with Hyderabad didn’t end there, as the actor met with Hyderabad girl Asma Rahman in a cricket match in 1981. They had a brief and secret marriage. Dilip Kumar himself mentioned the marriage in his autobiography, writing that he wished to forget that episode in his life.

Asma Rehman and Dilip Kumar (Photo: Reddit)

On July 7, 2021, Dilip Kumar passed away at the age of 98.

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