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Did Jimin’s Brother Get Injured in the Halloween Stampede?


Based on some unverified rumors circulating on social media, it has been speculated that Jimin’s brother was one of those injured in the recent horrifying Itaewon Halloween stampede. It turns out to have been a lie

As famous as BTS is, its members’ families stay out of the public eye. Some famous members include Jungkook and Jimin’s fathers. The former, meanwhile, owns a popular cafe in Busan, so he is quite well-known. The horrible Halloween Itaewon stampede catastrophe, which claimed more than 150 lives, is currently being mourned throughout the nation of South Korea. A stampede resulted from a surge in the throng. Cardiac arrests and suffocation occurred in people. In the midst of all of this, a rumour was spread that Jimin’s brother Park Jihyun was in the hospital and that Jimin and Taehyung had visited him.


Well, it turns out that a phoney Park Jihyun was present. After the video went viral, fans and ARMYs began exchanging questions. The person who reportedly pretended to be Park Jihyun claimed to have had minor wounds. If this rumor is true, some fans attempted to reach out to Jimin’s brother, who verified that it is not true. Unfortunately, that is not how this rumor went down. This incident has shaken the world, and this will most likely come across as inconsiderate.

The members of BTS have been subjects of rumors that cannot be confirmed in recent weeks, as seems to be the case this week as well. In light of this incident, the Korean government has cancelled all entertainment events in a show of respect.

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