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Denzel Washington Honors Jackie Robinson – The Hollywood Reporter


Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game returns to Dodger Stadium today for the first time in more than 40 years, with a host of Hollywood All-Star performances. But as part of a special tribute to Dodgers legend Jackie Robinson, Oscar winner Denzel Washington has the privilege of starting a Fox telecast.

WASHINGTON — After Ben Platt played the national anthem and wore the “Choice” pin during the reckoning of reproductive rights — shortly after 5 p.m., he wore a pair with Robinson’s signature No. 42 on the back. The Dodgers jersey came to home plate.

“Ebbetts Field, Brooklyn, 1947,” Washington said in his brief remarks as he recalled the date Robinson broke the color barrier, starting at first base with the Dodgers as the first black man of the modern age to fit in MLB The player (in Brooklyn at the time), April 15, 1947. “When Jackie Robinson first stepped on the field of Major League Baseball, he had incredible talent and unshakable character, wearing a Dodgers uniform, he changed the game of baseball and more.”

Washington went on to point out that Robinson’s presence on the court was “towering” and he went on to receive honors such as Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, World Series Champion and seven-time All-Star. “Off the court, Jackie Robinson challenged us to be a better version of ourselves,” he said. “Business leader, family man, activist, Hall of Famer. Life is not a spectator sport, he said, and he brought that motto to life. Number 42 blazed a trail for people of all walks of life and of all colors. Illuminated the way to this day…the far-reaching impact is as great today as it was 75 years ago.”

In addition to this 75th anniversary milestone, today’s race coincides with the 100th birthday of Robinson’s widow, Rachel Robinson, who was born on July 19, 1922. This isn’t the first time Washington has paid tribute to Robinson at Dodger Stadium. . Earlier this year, he celebrated Robinson’s legacy on April 15 on the official Jackie Robinson Day. Washington, a lifelong fan of the New York Yankees, even visited the Dodgers clubhouse to shake hands and mingle with the team.

During that April visit, Washington detailed his early youth, falling in love with the game of baseball and adoring New York players. While he admitted to despising the Brooklyn Dodgers because of his beloved Yankees, he never forgot the impact the player had on not only him but his peers. “I’m here to tell you, you’ll never see a U-Haul in the back of a hearse. You can’t take it with you. You can leave it here,” said Washington, a talented baseball player himself in his youth who had Played for his high school team as a catcher and led the team to home runs. “It’s not just the money, the memories and the joy you give your kids, and the love they have when they walk around wearing your jersey.  …I just pray that you understand the power and authority you all have, y’all Influence that all have. Never take your gift for granted.”

Baseball fans don’t seem to take today’s All-Star Game for granted. On a hot day with temperatures hovering in the mid-80s, Dodger Stadium was sold out and packed with fans, mostly in support of local pros, with six Dodgers making the National League lineup, with star pitcher Clayton Kershaw taking the lead.

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