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Denim Dazzle: The 10 Best Denim Jackets for Women in 2022


PC–Trip Styler

Every closet should have a denim jacket since it is a tried-and-true essential. I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a variety of clothes in my closet, including a cropped trucker, a vintage item that has seen better days, a particular shearling style that has evolved into one of my greatest winter jackets, and so on. Simply put, that item is a jean jacket. The one that will adjust with you as your style changes and won’t be hidden away when the seasons change. (A personal fashion rebrand has you itching? For examples of how the Americana staple can help you on your quest for style, check out our greatest denim jacket outfits.)

Kendall Becker, Fashion & Beauty Trends Editor at Trendalytics(opens in new tab), notices a noticeable increase in interest for the timeless piece as autumn approaches despite the fact that it is a year-round, timeless staple. “The revival of vintage-inspired jackets is a major trend for autumn; take note of the varsity jacket, leather moto, and, of course, the denim jacket. The Trendalytics platform now classifies searches for denim jackets as “extreme,” citing an average of 105k weekly searches “She communicates via email.

Following are our recommendations for the top jean jackets and advice from Becker and Busch on managing the denim market in 2022. We promise that at least one of the styles listed below will become your new all-time favourite.

Should You Wash a Denim Jacket?

As washing new jean items, especially those in dark washes, can cause the dye to bleed, according to Brusch, washing denim less frequently than you might wash other clothing is standard to retain the garment’s colour and structure. True blue or black denim jackets can become more worn-in over time due to constant use and washing, which is wonderful if you like the look and feel. If so, Brusch suggests that you occasionally let your denim jackets hang out wash day. “In the end, whether it’s style, fit, or even how to wash clothes, I always urge my clients to do what they’re most comfortable with!”

The Oversized Trucker Jean Jacket


According to Becker, “boxy, larger silhouettes are crucial for fall and winter, as with much of the outerwear sector.” And the piece to add to your repertoire is Madewell’s spacious, trucker-inspired oversized denim jacket. The silhouette provides structure as well because it is composed of 100% cotton, non-stretch denim, preventing the item from enveloping your form completely.

Patch Pocket Denim JAcket

PC–Marie Claire

In general, denim jackets are moving toward more muted colors like milk, mauve, and sage, according to Becker. The latter color, gentle mossy greens that border on khaki, is particularly popular, “clocking in at a 26 percent rise in weekly searches compared to last year,” the trend expert claims.

Two-Tone Organic Denim Jacket


The color-blocked, bright pink jean jacket from GANNI makes it simple for you to master the trend that will dominate in 2022: Barbiecore (opens in new tab). This denim outfit not only embodies the color of 2022, but it was also produced in an ethical and sustainable manner. This jacket is made from organic denim that was cultivated without pesticides or artificial fertilisers, keeping with the Scandi brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Denim Jacket

PC–Blank NYC

For a stylish late-fall style, Busch advises leaning into more insulated and textured denim jackets, like this one from Blank NYC(opens in new tab).

Black Denim Jacket With Moon Print


Busch advises choosing a black, more fitted denim jacket if you want to make things semi-formal. You’ll grab for an investment piece from Marine Serre’s inky, printed collection season after season.

Gap Icon Denim Jacket


The deputy editor, Danielle McNally, wrote a full article about how much she adores this jacket. “I grab for the jacket once a week, on average, so it has the crucial Very First Spot in my closet. In the winter, spring, summer, and fall, I wear it. Over cocktail dresses, with minis, maxis, shorts, and pants, I wear it to work “she claims.

’70s Denim Jacket

PC–Marie Claire

The professional stylist from Stitch Fix advises, “Another simple method to bring down a more formal dress or skirt is by simply adding on a denim jacket to complete the look.” Choose a genuine vintage style, such as this genuine 1970s style found on the online thrifting marketplace Thrilling.

Combly Cropped Denim Jacket


If you’ve been paying attention to the major trends in fashion lately, you’ve probably noticed that hemlines are growing shorter (call it the Miu Miu micro-mini effect) as a result of a general desire to expose as much skin as possible. According to Becker, this “bare-it-all” mentality also permeates denim. She explains that cropped denim jacket sales are up 19% from the previous year.

Standards Overdyed Crimson Concealed Placket Jacket

PC–Calvin Klein

Don’t be afraid of color. Red-hot pants and a vivid crimson denim jacket make for a scorching early-fall style. Additionally, the gender-neutral shape of Calvin Klein’s ruby red denim jacket makes it a choice that truly anyone can wear.

J.Crew Classic Denim Jacket


Keep things simple by wearing a timeless denim jacket, like the one from J. Crew, which goes great with all of your favourite well-worn tees. Vintage enthusiasts will adore the worn-in appearance that its faded medium-blue wash achieves.

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