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Deepika Padukone Gives Ghoomar Spin to Jimin’s Dance Video in New BTS Video


A video of BTS ARMY member Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope showing Jimin dancing on the streets of Chicago was shared by J-Hope recently. The video was given the Ghoomar treatment by Desi BTS ARMY. If you enjoy watching BTS and Bollywood-style edits, this is a must see!

It has been a challenge for BTS members to share UNSEEN content with the BTS ARMY these days, but the members are not complaining. With the Bangtan Boys – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook – taking a break from their hectic schedules, they will concentrate on their solo endeavors for now. Despite rumors, they are not disbanding. Group content will be available in the future as well. More importantly, Hobi has been posting plenty of videos and pictures to social media. They are our little treasures as a BTS ARMY. Although Jimin hasn’t released an UNSEEN video of himself yet, BTS ARMY has given it a Ghotnaar touch.

ARMY edits J-Hope’s UNSEEN video

Recently, there have been a few solo activites by the members of BTS, such as Jungkook’s collaboration with Charlie Puth and his album that he released. Recently, J-Hope made his solo debut, which was his first concert performance in any solo act. J-Hope or Park Jimin joined J-Hope to support him, and the video appears to be from the streets of Chicago, though it is not yet confirmed. The video is cool and Jimin dances while wearing a halo. If Hobi edited the video, we must recognize his talent for editing.

At an ARMY party, Jimin is inspired to breakdance to Deepika’s Ghoomar song.
Hollywood News frequently publishes stories about BTS members. The editing prowess of J-Hope has been captivating the whole world and not to be outdone, BTS Army is at their every step. They are quite adept at doing this. For instance, the Desi BTS Army remixed Deepika Padukone’s song Ghoomar from Padmavaat, staring Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. We all know that Jimin is a smooth dancer, so Y’all will know that the music and beats match his video. Would you ever have thought Jimin would one day perform the Ghoomar? Check out this video of Chimchim doing the Ghoomar:

Jimin’s solo content

Neither Park Jimin aka Jimin nor J-Hope has mentioned their solo projects in any detail. However, it has been noted that Jimin remained in the USA in comparison to J-Hope. His solo vlog was released a couple of weeks ago. The Army has been wondering if he is staying so long for a schedule. In the video, he made the bracelets all by himself. Meanwhile, Jimin has topped the brand reputation list, consecutively, for 35 months now.

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