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Co-star of Bhabi Ji Ghar Pe Hai Asif Sheikh reveals heartbreaking news


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Deepesh Bhan, 41, died while playing cricket on Saturday morning. Known as Malkhan in the show since its inception, Deepesh recently suffered a brain hemorrhage, according to his co-star Aasif Sheikh. Bhan was supposed to star in the popular comedy show. At around 7 a.m., he went to the gym and stopped to play cricket in his building’s compound at Dahisar.

He was known for his role in Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai when he died at the age of 41 of a brain hemorrhage.

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Aasif Sheikh said, “He bowled an over, got down to get the ball, got up, swayed for a while, and fell down. He never got up. There was blood coming out of his eyes and it was a clear sign of a brain hemorrhage. The doctor said that it was certainly brain hemorrhage.” Aasif noticed that Deepesh probably hadn’t eaten anything in the morning and then while playing cricket, he ran and the blood pressure rose. Then he fell down, saying that one should not exert oneself too much after 40 and slow down a bit.

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Bhan has rushed to the hospital barely five minutes away from his residence, but he was declared dead upon arrival. All visited Bhan’s residence in the afternoon. Sheikh revealed that he couldn’t cope with Bhan’s loss and said that he had blood pressure issues, but when he had a whole body checkup a few days ago, everything seemed fine. In conclusion, he said, “He was such a hyperactive boy. He always used to make reels on set. I don’t know how we will work now. It’s going to be a tough time for all of us.”

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May the wife and son of Bhan, who was married in 2019, get the strength to survive this tragic loss.

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