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Ciara’s ‘Jump’ with Celebrity Friends Is a Miss with Fans 


Ciara Returns to the music scene this month with a new dance single “Jump” featuring Coast Contra. The song comes three years after the singer released her seventh studio album, “Beauty Marks.” “Beauty Marks” also spawned the hit “Level Up.”

Since the release of Ciara’s “Jump,” the 36-year-old singer has found creative ways to promote the tune, from a thrilling official music video to a social media challenge featuring close friends and family members of the song.

Ciara recruited her famous friends, including Lala Anthony, Vanessa Bryant and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, to help promote her new single “Jump.” Photo: @ciara/Instagram

In an Instagram post shared on July 19, Ciara recruited her celebrity friends, including Lara Anthony, Vanessa and Natalia Bryant, Kim Kardashian, rapper Lato, J. Balvin and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to help boost the track’s appeal. The clip begins with Ciara, showing people singing or dancing to “Jump.”

As the video transitions, everyone can be seen saying, “You like me to dance that. When I let me dance you’ll be wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. When I jump, it’s a party. You love the way I jump Loud. When I jump, jump, jump, it’s a party.”

Along with the video, Ciara captioned the post, “It’s a party!! #jump!” As Ciara’s upload circulated online, many said the mother-of-three “Jump” didn’t Achieving the goal, the hype won’t save the single.

“She’s trying to make this ‘st jump,’ that’s not lol. Love you, but no.”

“They tried to impose the song on us … that didn’t happen.”

“She wishes the song was so popular…poor Tinker Bell…so cute.”

“It’s not going to make us like the song Cici…”

“Song is still trash! No matter how many famous friends she has! Still no good.”

In previous reviews, it was also mentioned that Ciara’s “best music” happened when she was working with producer Jazze Pha. One wrote, “Where is Jazze Pha?!?! She needs you.” Another said, “Ciara’s best music is with Jazze Pha.” A third said, “I need another Jazze Phizzle Producshizzle career (sad look).”

Ciara and Jazze Pha produced her first two studio albums, including “Goodies” and “Ciara: The Evolution.”

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