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Celebrity search results on Google may soon look very different


Google is experimenting with a new way to display key information about celebrities

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As always, Google Search is experimenting with various changes, one of which is a new set of rich cards that may appear at the top of search results when you search for a celebrity’s name. These rich cards will give you more key information, further SERP results, faster than the current design that sits above the news box, even before the box on the right that gives you key information.

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The feature is in beta right now, though it’s not available to anyone on the Android Police team, and it’s unclear how many people participated in the beta. It was discovered by SEO consultant Brodie Clark, who noticed the changes on their website, and they found a test of search results for four different celebrities. All four examples show five cards, the first of which is the largest card on the left, with a large picture of the celebrity, and a brief overview using information from their Wikipedia page.

The four rich cards below appear to fluctuate based on each celebrity’s other top searches. Oprah Winfrey card showing net worth, two news stories and interviews on YouTube. For Snoop Dogg, one card shows his age; another shows a YouTube video of one of his songs, and the other two are for news articles. Interestingly, these seem to be time-insensitive, as one of them is a 2021 interview.

It’s a similar setup for Tony Hawk, with two news articles about his age, and a Vanity Fair interview with him on YouTube. Rapper Doja Cat’s page was also part of the experiment, with a box dedicated to the artist’s full name. Other cards show a news story followed by two music videos straight from their YouTube.

These new rich cards sit on top of SERP results and all the other elements you’d expect on a page of this type, such as news stories and “people asked too” features. Some tests jump directly to SERP results, and Snoop Dogg’s page starts with his Wikipedia page. Google still includes circular pill buttons above these new rich cards, allowing you to quickly link to other details such as their albums, videos, events, news, and more.

We don’t yet know if Google has experimented with mobile design for celebrity search results. It’s unclear if the experiment will eventually roll out to all users, or if it’s just a test for the company and won’t become the norm. However, it seems to help give you key information about celebrities quickly. Larger photos of celebrities are especially useful, and quick links make it easier to quickly get important information about them.

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