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Celebrity Cruises Quietly Makes Changes To A Few Captains Club Loyalty Program Features


Just like hotels and airlines, cruise line They also have their own loyalty program, which I’ve covered before – Celebrity Cruise Ship Captains Club – Just made some changes to benefits.

Surprisingly, Celebrity Cruises has not communicated well (or not at all) that these changes will be made, and even if they are fine, I think it’s best to notify members appropriately.

The biggest advantage of cruise line loyalty is that you don’t have to re-qualify every year, as with most programs, points and tier levels are accumulated over a lifetime.

Since sailing with Celebrity Cruises for the first time, I’ve accumulated loyalty points with the Captain’s Club, although all of them are free (via casino invites) and only pay port tax.

You can visit the Celebrity Captains Club here.

After a few voyages, I’ve now reached 322 Tier Points and Elite through the program:

The Captain’s Club is divided into six stages:

  • 0-2 points preview
  • 2- 149 points classic
  • 150-299 points choose
  • 300 – 749 points elite
  • 750-2999 points Elite Plus
  • 3000+ points zenith

The number of points you earn depends on your cabin type and whether you’re travelling as a double or single. Single travelers earn double points But for cruises, you usually also pay double the price per person, so that’s it.It’s easy to quickly boost your profile when you’re traveling alone, especially in higher cabins such as concierge and Aquarium And of course the expensive suites.

In my previous article, I wrote more about the procedure and the sweet spot:

Celebrity Cruises Captains Club Loyalty Program: Pros and Cons

Today, however, it’s about the changes celebrities have made to rank perks. Here’s an old table outlining all the benefits of the program:

Now superseded by new files and some fixes:

Download (PDF, 647KB)

Classic members and above who choose Cruise-Only Rates can enjoy 10% – 35% off any Wi-Fi package (depending on tier), or choose Always Included and enjoy 10-35% (depending on tier) from the basic upgrade Wi-Fi to Premium Wi-Fi. Elite and Elite Plus members enjoy 90 and 240 free streaming minutes, while Zenith members enjoy free premium Wi-Fi.

Tiered discounts on in-flight wifi packages and free minutes for premium wifi were also available before, but now Celebrity has also written discounts on package upgrades in writing. I think that’s a positive thing.

Classic members and above who choose Cruise-Only Rates can enjoy 10% to 20% discount (depending on tier) when purchasing a Classic or Premium beverage package before the cruise, plus daily 5pm to 7pm from the Captain’s Club Complimentary drinks from the menu – or choose “Always Included” and get a 10%-15% (depending on tier) discount (up from 5%-10%) on upgrades from Classic to Premium if purchased before cruise. * Zenith members enjoy a complimentary premium beverage package.

Now, this is very useful. Many cruisers may opt for a “cruise only” rate (excluding wifi, drinks and tips), and those of us who book casinos always start with “cruise only”. Discounts on beverage packages were previously only available to casino guests (usually 10%), but now they actually offer tier members a 10-15% discount. As things stand, I might actually profit from it.

We’re excited to announce some new benefits. Voyages starting in July, classic members and above can enjoy Save 5% on Small Group Discovery Tours and 5% off Hollywood Hot Glass About the Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Solstice, and Celebrity Eclipse. These discounts apply to pre-cruise and onboard bookings and will be applied onboard.Our new Deal or No Deal program will replace Bingo as a new bonus that members can earn Purchase 3 or 4 Deal or No Deal card packs on board to get up to 2 bonus cards (depending on tier).*

This 5% Shore Excursion Rebate does not apply to all excursions but only to “Small Group Discovery Tour“(expensive) and get the same 5% discount on the Hot Glass class on the three Solstice class ships that offer it. Nothing remarkable in my opinion.

  1. We’re excited to bring back some events, add new ones, and keep the ones you know and love.Elite members and above can participate in the exclusive senior officials party And speak with senior officials – Select members can once again enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses into the inner workings of our theatres Backstage tour.We also added two new events this summer.
  2. From August, elite members and above can enjoy one night Music + Mixing On board, exclusive cocktails and a live band bring cocktails to life through sound.
  3. Elite Plus and Zenith members can experience the new Spa Wellness Activities— Invited to Spa Veranda for a guided meditation outlining destination-inspired beauty and wellness treatments, as well as a mini massage.Classic members and above can enjoy drinks and appetizers at our other members and executive committee welcome banquet——Select members and above can toast each other in the captain’s club Wine Tasting.
  4. On Celebrity Apex®, Elite members and above can Create and dump, led by one of our renowned artists.Classic members and above can enjoy voyeur wonder Get an up-close look at Eden’s decor while enjoying live music and interactive art at Wonder at Eden – plus, sip the evening’s signature cocktails and meet and greet artists and performers on Celebrity Apex and Celebrity BeyondSM.

This is a good thing. Celebrity had previously canceled most of these membership events during Covid and only recently brought them back. The Captain’s Club welcome event is always a good option, especially for those who are not yet elite or above, as the event also includes cocktails (mostly relevant for those who don’t already have an alcoholic beverage package).

MoveUp allows you to bid for room upgrades after purchasing a cruise. As a distinguished Captain’s Club member, your bids will receive a bonus boost based on your rank. So you get more value than you bid. Classic members receive an additional 1% multiplier, Select members receive a 2% multiplier, Elite members receive a 3% multiplier, Elite Plus members receive a 4% multiplier, and Zenith members receive a 5% multiplier.

This is a very interesting new feature as it gives Elite members an advantage over their original bid amount when bidding to upgrade to a higher class.

Personally, I’m not a huge MoveUp fan as I don’t like being towed to a cabin position I don’t like (I prefer midship to avoid movement and vibration), but some people like to bid on specific cabins that know the position ahead of time Places such as the Superior Suite and Sunset Cabin Aft.

I usually read celebrity emails on a regular basis, so I’m surprised I didn’t get this one until I read it cruise critic. At least there is nothing negative about these changes, which is quite noteworthy and commendable these days.

in conclusion

I was nervous when I heard about changes to the captain’s club benefits, but I shouldn’t worry as most people are actually positive IMHO.

Cruise lines are moving with the times and re-hosting membership events onboard while still retaining the benefits of daily happy hour for elite members at various bars onboard. This is still slightly different from what Royal Caribbean, the company they own, does as they just offer a certain amount of free drinks (3-4 a day I think) that can be redeemed at any bar at any time.

My next sailing will be in September and I’m looking forward to seeing if any of these changes make a difference in terms of the onboard experience.

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