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Carkner’s Family Vision in Hollywood sees future clearly as Peak Vision Clinic – Northeast and North Portland Neighborhood News


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After nearly 80 years Kackner Home Vision Carelong Hollywood Business has been renamed Peak Vision Clinic and start a new chapter.

Although kakner names may retire from the front door, Dr. Keeley Hoban In a letter to patients, he promised, “Rest assured that we will continue to embody the same passion and dedication as our founders, Dr. Clarence G. Carkner, was born many years ago as one of the pioneers of optometry in Oregon. “

since the acquisition Kackner Home Vision Care exist Hoban, February 2020 Said she had ‘joy and privilege’ to continue kakner legacy while providing valuable patients with the same personalized care they expect.

Hoban Say Peak Vision Clinic Will remain a family-owned private practice providing leading-edge care.

To celebrate its rich history and legacy as an eye care agency in Oregon, old wall installed in Hollywood location, showcasing historical highlights and artifacts that have served the community over the decades.Apart from Hollywood Clinic Tualatin The office moved to a new location in May at 7016 SW Nyberg St. at 7016 SW Nyberg St. Nyberg Retail Center.

Hollywood at the pinnacle of vision The location will remain at 1775 NE Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. Dr. David Kackner will be located at the Tualatin Clinic, where Hoban will continue to see patients Portland and Tualatin location and Dr. Emily Bee will continue to be based on Portland but will transition to Tualatin.

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