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Can Brahmastra crack the superhero code for Bollywood-Opinion News , Firstpost


While there have been several superhero movies in Bollywood in the 21st century, none of them straddle the line between spectacle and substance. Can Brahmastra overcome this history of failure?

The buzz around Ayan Mukerji Brahma It’s definitely growing, and fast. When the movie’s first song “Kesariya” was delayed a few days ago (it was scheduled to be released on the 15th)th July) fans took to social media to express their disappointment. The song was finally released on Sunday (July 17). Starring Ranbir Kapoor, Arya Butt, Amitabh Bachchan and others, the superhero film is being billed as the first of three films in “The Movie.”in astrafus‘, a concept inspired by Hindu mythology and elements’Shion‘or weapons that channel the forces of wind, water, fire, etc.

Mukerji himself appeared in a 5-minute promotional video on YouTube where he explained the origin of the product and the inspiration behind it. in astrafus. He called Lord Shiva his “greatest artistic inspiration” and said he named Ranbir’s character Shiva for this. Uniquely, Shiva (i.e. the character) is a “living weapon”, Astra himself who can control the fire. Brahma We will be told the story of “Brahamansha”, a secret society that, according to Mukerji, used the power of astras to “do good for all mankind”.

Brahma It’s ready for a September release, and the stakes are high.Bollywood has been ceding commercial turf to ‘pan-Indian’ films of late: this year, too, Kannada films KGF 2 and telugu movies RRR is a big box office winner, far surpassing the hit Hindi movies of 2022 so far.Lots of things are riding Brahma, so. Can it overcome its odds to become the best-selling Bollywood movie of the year?

I say “overcome” because Bollywood doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to superhero movies.

Bollywood and Superhero Movies

The beginning of the Bollywood superhero genre lies in a movie that may not be very familiar to the general audience except the die-hards –ahoba (1990), directed by Shashi Kapoor and starring Amitabh Bachchan, a Zorro-like masked avenger with supernatural healing powers and equipped with various magical artifacts. Drawing heavily from Arabic folklore, the film’s “Fauladi Shaitan” (a magical giant stone devil) controlled by Amrish Puri is the film’s big bad, telling the story of the king and queen, and trusted ministers and magical companions .

ahoba There are plenty of glaring downsides – casting an aging Bachchan into a young superhero (no less than a crown prince) is obvious. But the film is also enthusiastic and childlike about the folktales the story references. By the way, the film did quite well in Russia, it was co-produced in Russia, and there were several local actors.

in 21st century hindi moviesstone Over the centuries, there have been several superhero movies, each starring a major mainstream actor. But overall, neither of them can be said to have done a good job of delivering a superhero story that’s consistent in tone and style.

Hrithik Roshan Chris (2006) and its sequel Krish 3 (2013) are both commercial successes and should be acknowledged. But especially with the latter, the storyline is extremely derivative, and at times very silly. The shockingly poor VFX in several key scenes didn’t contribute to the silly atmosphere.

exist Krish 3, the villain Karl (Vivek Oberoi) is a psychic mutant confined to a wheelchair, just like Professor Charles X. Xavier in the X-Men movies and comics. He’s raising an army of partial animal mutants like Dr. Moro – interestingly, these are called “maanwar” (“maanav” + “jaanwar” which is Hindi for “man” + ” beast”). And Oberoi also took the liberty to suggest that his performance was similar to Heath Ledger’s performance in “Joker.” dark Knight, widely regarded as one of the greatest screen performances of the past 20+ years. That’s not the only overlap of the film with the X-Men: Kangana Ranaut’s character has shape-shifting powers — and an unstable temperament — just like Mystique (played by Rebecca Romjin) in the X-Men movies.

Shahrukh Khan starred in Anubhav Sinha directed pull number one (2011), in which he played G.One, a video game protagonist who comes to life to hunt down his in-game opponent, a program called Ra.One, who is a murderer who can take any human form. For Ra.One, the problem wasn’t the lack of scale or VFX – I felt both elements were adequately addressed. Here, the basic storyline is not strong enough and tries to do too much at once. Its Tron-like premise is strong, but it also tries to steer some ET-like equations between G.One and the geek designer’s son who created him (also played by Khan, naturally).

There are cute moments like the robot-like G.One breaking into Akon’s hit Chammak Challo, or a plethora of cameos in scenes from Ra.One’s morphing showcase. But in the end, pull number one It’s all fleeting, lacking substance to show its effort.

flying jet (2016) by Tiger Shroff as a young Sikh man named Aman Dhillon, whose overnight superpower seems to be related to the mysterious appearance of khanda on his back (khanda refers to the traditional Sikh symbols of the sword, flywheel or Frisbee) and a pair of symmetrical daggers). A Flying Jatt does have the dynamism and action-movie credentials of a young Shroff, not to mention the pomp of wrestling champ Nathan Jones as the main antagonist.

But beyond that, the story and the script are really a work by numbers. flying jet It did well at the box office, but I doubt even Tiger Shroff superfans will remember much of the film.

The closest we’ve come to creating a good, solid superhero movie is Vikramaditya Motwane’s 2018 film Bhavesh Joshi Superhero, starring Priyansh Painyuli and Harshvardhan Kapoor, a pair of young men who decide to cast a vigilante role to fight Street crime – and what happens when cub vigilantes encounter criminals higher than traffic offenders, and more.

According to me, this movie works best when it shows the real face of the young protagonist: the kids play the hero, freak out and make up as they go, hoping for the best, but barely prepared for the worst.It’s a fertile space for tragic comedy kick ass or a dead Pooltwo movies, like BJS, is very aware of its status as a metafiction comic book. In all of these movies, there are plenty of references to superhero lore. This is part of their matrix.

But disappointingly, BJS Falling into the trap of tragedy should awaken the sleepy hero. This pretty much kills the script for the second half – we should see the stakes raised due to realpolitik and we get flashbacks and montages explaining Sikander’s sudden reawakening.

It’s a shame because Vikramaditya Motwane is still one of our most skilled filmmakers – “Crazy Tricks” hasn’t even begun to describe his collection of striking, rain-drenched, Mumbai nighttime images. Way.

superhero by another name

As many observers have detailed, the ongoing Marvel era (where MCU films have been a dominant force at the global box office for more than a decade) has led the film industry around the world to seek a piece of the market for this newly created superhero story . In India, SS Rajamouli, one of the most commercially successful filmmakers of the past 5-6 years, proved that audiences can’t get enough of these films. Both Baahubali films rely on the superhuman strength and agile cartoon feats of their protagonists, and both are superhero films by proxy. Or more precisely, a superhero movie set in the distant past.

Raja Muri’s latest work, RRR, which has wowed Western critics, with many calling it a major improvement over recent Marvel fare, as it has become formulaic and templated.Critic Uday Bhatia reviews the film Mint Loungecalled RRR A “double superhero movie,” and that’s absolutely right.like Batman v SupermanThe ‘friend and foe’ equation between the protagonists of a twin superhero movie is dripping from every frame RRR.

Well, this is the cultural moment that Brahmastra stepped into. Indeed, due to the popularity of Marvel and DC movies in India, the film has already attracted a huge audience. But with great power comes great responsibility—and these audiences know the ins and outs of superhero movies, so their standards are high.if Brahma To be the kind of franchise it clearly considers itself to be, it has to meet those global standards.

Aditya Mani Jha is an independent writer and journalist based in Delhi, currently writing a collection of essays on Indian comics and graphic novels.

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