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BTS’s J-Hope Proves He’s the Best Equation with RM in These Cute Videos

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RM and J-Hope are very close, as shown when they’re out at an event with the ARMY; we found footage of it and it really has me smiling.

Korean boy band BTS is not just well-known for their songs; they are loved by fans of all ages, who are entranced by their warm and mutual bond. The septet creates harmony with one another. RM and J-Hope seem to have the best equation ever. Well, among all, it seems that RM and J-Hope share the best equation. Fans of BTS are swooning over the camaraderie shown in these videos from W Korea magazine’s Love Your W project.

In one of the videos, you could see Jung Hoseok saving a seat for RM. As soon as he sees Namjoon, Hoseok brightens up. In another video, J-Hope looked in RM’s direction and locked eyes, grooving to his music as he enjoyed the view. He also shimmied and started dancing when he and RM were introduced.

Please take a look at the video clips below from the event I attended below:

Cute, are they not? RM and J-Hope truly set some great friendship goals for all of us. Would you say I’m right, ARMY?

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