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BTS: Are Jin and Jimin working on solo MVs? ARMY, here’s what we know


BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook announced their hiatus two days ago, and now the BTS Army is eagerly awaiting their solo projects. Apparently Jin and Jimin are working on solo MVs now.

It has been nearly two years since BTS went on hiatus. The Bangtan Boys have been working on individual projects ever since. It was announced by BTS that they would focus on solo activities going forward. It is worth noting that BTS members have not disbanded. They have continued to travel to and from various destinations based on their personal schedules. Moreover, they have been away from the interactions with ARMYs due to their work on solo projects. It looks like Jin and Jimin are working on their solo MVs now. What could this mean? Go ahead and keep reading.

Working on solo projects, Jin and Jimin
RM’s 28th birthday (29 Korean years) was the talk of Hollywood News. Kim Namjoon celebrated his 28th birthday (12th of September). ARMYs watched him celebrate the same live on Weverse. RM revealed that his solo album is nearly complete and he hopes it will be released by the end of this year. Jin and Jimin are the eldest BTS members and Jin recently flew to the US. It has been said that Jungkook traveled alongside Supreme Creative Director Jun-Chi from HYBE and Lumpens’ producer and talent while Jin, who has been filming all the time and was missing RM’s birthday, was releasing statements through Instagram.

Do Jin and Jimin have solo MVs in the works?
You should know that RM likes to spoil, so he did it again. On his birthday, Namjoon discussed his recently released project Sexy Nukim with Balming Tiger and revealed that other BTS members are coming up with similar projects as his. Since then, the two have been calling Jimin whenever they need assistance, or when they don’t know English lyrics, etc. Now, we wonder if Jimin and Jin will be working together in the future. Aren’t we intrigued by the topic?

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