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Bryan Cranston Struck by Line Drive While Practicing for Celebrity Softball Game


Bryan Cranston was hit during an All-Star Celebrity softball game at Dodger Stadium.Grammy winner Anthony Ramos hit breaking Bad The actor drives his bat with a line over his right shoulder.

In the video of the incident, Cranston appears to be in pain as he falls to his knees.Immediately after the incident, Ramos ran to Cranston’s help, asking, “Are you okay?” Guillermo Rodriguez Jimmy Kimmel Live Offer him water.

He recovered on the ground for a few minutes before getting into his trailer. “It definitely bruises,” Cranston said after the incident. entertainment tonight“I’m probably more of a cheerleader in this game.”

Even so, the 66-year-old actor was able to compete. Cranston even pretended to have an argument with the referee while playing for Los Angeles. He appeared shocked when officials struck him for what he thought should have been a ball. In the viral video, the star jokingly kicked the referee in the dirt, shouting: “It’s in there!”

Cranston was part of a Los Angeles team that lost 15-13 to Brooklyn. Los Angeles crowd repeatedly booed when former San Francisco Giants star Hunter Pence hit two home runs for Brooklyn. Dodger Stadium will host the Major League Baseball All-Star Game on July 19.

best known for playing walter white breaking BadCranston wore an Albuquerque isotope hat when White first met lawyer Saul Goodman, the protagonist of the spinoff series Better call Saul. In addition to participating in several isotope competitions, Cranston and his breaking Bad Starring Aaron Paul will have his ceremonial first game on July 30.

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