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Brendan Fraser On When He Knew His Hollywood Comeback Was The Right Decision


Hollywood knows how to tell inspiring stories, but it’s always sweeter when a lovely true story comes from the sometimes-dark celebrity mecca. E.g, Brendan Fraser is making a comeback –deep feeling known as Brenaissance By doting fans – and have a whole community to support him. One such fan recently gave him some major praise when asked about his professional revival. Fraser graciously recalls the moment that convinced him that returning to acting was the right decision.

Brendan Fraser left Hollywood due to years of physical wear and tear on his body and personal tragedies like the death of his mother.It has another unfortunate part because in 2018, he brought a sexual assault charge HFPA member who objected to him saying groped him Year 2003.His story is one that sexual assault survivors identify with, and is one that was shared at Megacon (via game bible) One fan thanked him for talking about his experience and said his candor and bravery to speak out was a huge inspiration. In the fans’ own words:

First of all, I just want to say thank you for sharing your story. I know many people, myself included, are survivors, and seeing you talk about it is one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in my life.

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