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[Book Review] Hollywood Game Plan – Carole M. Kirschner


Authoritarian Hollywood exec Buddy Ackerman’s snarky words in scathing movie satire Swim with Sharks (1994)echoing in my mind.

“Because there’s no storybook love story and no fairytale ending. So before you go out and change the world, ask yourself, ‘What do you really want?'”

This is a vital life question. What do you really want? If you’re drawn to DreamWorks, Hollywood, the famous capital of myth and stardust, where do you start?Well, Carole M. Kirshner’s hollywood game plan Absolutely for you. In a fabled town where apparently no one knows anything, I have to say I know too much after reading this.

I hear you asking who is Carole M. Kirshner? Because, like me, you might be skeptical of these Hollywood guides that offer to demystify the leading process of the film and television industry. Never fear, as the author walks and talks in Hollywood, a Hollywood executive who is grafted to CBS and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment.

However, hollywood game plan Not the job of a tired hacker. Rather, it’s an energetic and positive journey built from start to finish to help you achieve your goals of getting a job in Hollywood. If that’s what you really want, keep reading.

One of the main strengths of this book is the well-designed spine, which teaches readers the basics, prepares us for the long journey to Hollywood in the future, and trains our brains to deal with obstacles that may be encountered, rather than filling one’s mind The possibility of dreams. With research, networking, pitching, phone calls, interviews, more networking, staying positive, facing rejection and never giving up, there will be tough grafts ahead. As the author states, getting a full-time job in Hollywood is a full-time job in itself.

The writing throughout is forceful and unadorned. True honesty can be seen in the text on the page. In addition, I was particularly impressed by the book’s goal-oriented goals. If you love hitting targets as much as I do, Carole M. Kirshner’s chapter practice really builds up what she calls the “LA armor.”

In fact, how to write a killer resume, perfect a cover letter, find a mentor, write and market your own personal experience, and even how long to wait before following up on a hot lead are just some of the invaluable advice in the Bible Suggest. This book. It definitely puts you ahead of the competition in a Darwinian quest moving up the Hollywood food chain.

Because this is the survival of the fittest in Hollywood. You have to work to get lucky breaks. There is rarely such a thing as overnight fame. In addition to goal-based exercises, there are many testimonials from Hollywood professionals, including those who have attended Carole M. Kirshner’s hollywood game plan course. These, along with the informative appendices at the back of this book, provide an invaluable set of tools for future journeys.

So, finally, ask yourself what do you really want? If this is a Hollywood job, and you don’t have shark repellents, barbed spears, and protective underwater cages, you’re probably better off arming yourself with Carole M. Kirshner’s primer worse, Hollywood game plan.

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