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Bollywood Stars Who Had Near-Death Experiences Hrithik Roshan to Sara Ali Khan-Janhvi Kapoor and more stars


Bollywood stars are famous for their on-screen talents and good looks, but off-screen, many of them have had near-death experiences that may or may not have changed their lives forever. Here’s the list of Bollywood stars who had near-death experiences and how it changed their lives forever.
From Hrithik Roshan to Janhvi Kapoor: Here are stories of near-death experiences experienced by Bollywood stars.

Hrithik Roshan

Image Credit – Times of India

Many people are aware that Hrithik Roshan had to undergo brain surgery to remove a blood clot. At the set of Krissh, the actor, who was tied to a cable wire, fell from a great height when the wire broke. He was unconscious for some time and woke up to find himself in a hospital with his family and close friends around him. His condition worsened and he had to be given life support.

Salman Khan

Image Credit – Edules

A snakebite incident happened to Salman Khan at his Panvel farmhouse. He stayed in the hospital for almost 6 hours before he was discharged. The incident took place on September 17th and sources said that there were two snakes in the garden that one of them bit him. The actor is now doing well after being treated with antivenom.

Amitabh Bachchan

Image Credit – Times of India

After being injured on the set of Coolie, Amitabh Bachchan was hospitalized for more than a month and in a coma. It is celebrated as his second birthday on the day he recovered. Although the injuries were minor, this near-death experience changed him profoundly. The film’s shooting was canceled but Amitabh requested that it be completed to fulfill his commitments to cast and crew. He had been working for 18 hours per day with no breaks since 1968 without complaining about fatigue or any health problems.

Preity Zinta

Image Credit – Informal newz

Preity Zinta was quite near the blast site when it occurred when she was on Columbo. Also, when she was in Thailand, the actress escaped a Tsunami. It’s believed that her life was saved by her meditation practice. In an interview with DNA, the actress revealed: I was very close to the blast site and had some chances of being caught up in the fire and heat but I am alive because of my spiritual practices. The bomb blasts were so loud that no one around could hear anything but then all of a sudden people realized what had happened and began screaming for help.

Sara Ali Khan-Janhvi Kapoor

Image Credit – India Posts English

During a recent trip with Sara Ali Khan to Kedarnath, Janhvi Kapoor revealed that she had a near-death experience. On Koffee With Karan 7, she said she booked a non-heating hotel to save 6000 rupees. Janhvi said that in negative 7 degree weather, her lips turned blue. She also explained how they decided to trek to Badrinath and ended up having to be rescued. We went to see this holy place called Kedarnath, she told host Karan Johar on the show. It was so cold there, like minus seven degrees Celsius! And I realised there’s no heating in the hotel we were staying at.

Shah Rukh Khan

Image Credit – Times of India

Shah Rukh Khan has received multiple injuries while filming movies. Some of them were deadly. He caught fire on the sets of Koyla and was saved by crew members. I had an incident with a helicopter as well. He was running ahead and the helicopter flew in front of him so he had to stop quickly and then fall and hit his head. When he was taken to the hospital, he was in serious condition.

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