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Bollywood star Salman Khan’s lawyer gets death threat in Jodhpur


Saraswat said the sender, signed LB and GB, wrote in the letter: “The friend of the enemy is our enemy. We will kill you and your whole family like Musa.”

LB refers to Lawrence Bishnoi and GB as Goldie Brar, while the letter refers to Punjabi rapper Sidhu Moosewala, who was shot dead on May 29.

“LB-GB” was also written on Salman’s letter.

Bishnoy had earlier vowed to kill Salman after the actor was charged in the 1998 Rajasthan black buck poaching case.

Bishnoi also became one of the main defendants in Moosewala’s murder, after his close aide Brar claimed responsibility for the killing.

Saraswat lodged the complaint at the Mahamandir police station in Jodhpur on Tuesday. He said: “I was in the US for a month and a half. When I arrived in Jodhpur on the evening of June 30, my junior lawyer Jitendra Prasad Bishnoi came to my house around 11pm on July 3 and said, July 1 At 10.30am on Sunday, a letter card was found on the latch of the room number 8 Jubilee Hall in the Old High Court.”

“This letter threatens to kill me and my family. Had to go to Jaipur to meet the Governor on 4th July. So forward this letter on WhatsApp to Mahamandir police officer to give him full information, ” Saraswat said.

Mahamandir Police Sergeant Lekhraj Siyag said police had registered a case and a gunman had posted outside his home on Pawta B Road. An investigation has begun.

The “enemy” mentioned in the letter is Salman Khan, believed to be an enemy of the Bishnoi gang. However, this is an investigation question.

“Salman is not our friend. He’s just a client. It’s our profession and I’m his advisor, just like other people come to me with a case and we give advice,” Salaswat said.

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