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Bollywood Roundup: Meera Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Shruti Haasan, and more…


‘Kaali’ poster controversy: Actress Meera Chopra joins criticism

Mumbai — While outraged by the controversial poster for filmmaker Lena Manimekkale’s documentary “Kali,” Bollywood actress Meera Chopra has also criticized the image of Goddess Kali smoking in the poster .

Meera is known for appearing in films such as “375 Festival”, “1920” and Disney Hotstar’s show “Kamathipura”.

Sharing her thoughts on the matter, Meera Chopra said: “Creative freedom is absolutely necessary to create honest and thought-provoking films and stories. But being indifferent to the religion of the audience, or underperforming a certain part of society, is just to create controversy and snatch The limelight is not a creative paradigm. I absolutely hate this depiction of our gods and goddesses. If that’s what people think liberation is, then I feel bad for them.”

The actress is currently working on two films with very different themes. She will play the female lead in the upcoming film Safed. “Safed” depicts atrocities against widows and trans people. The first look of ‘Safed’s was unveiled by AR Rahman at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Her other upcoming film, Super Women, is India’s first film about “asexuality”.

Aaliyah Talks About Incorporating the Kapoor Family in ‘Karan Coffee’ Season 7 Opener

Mumbai — The seventh season of the hit chat show Koffee With Karan will premiere on July 7, with the first episode featuring Bollywood stars Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt grace the sofa.

In this episode, showrunner Karan Johar and Gully Boys co-stars Ranville and Arya talk about celebrity relationship trajectories, supporting their partners after marrying the love of their life and their lives.

Alia Bhatt took the conversation a step further with her integration into the Kapoor family.

Tracing her journey from the nuclear family and fitting into the grand celebration of Bollywood’s first family, she says: “I grew up between me, my mum, my sister and my dad. That’s it. Ours Interaction is very limited. We are a very close family, but we are not a big family. We don’t have these massive celebrations or parties.”

Alia distinguishes her home from her in-laws’ home, saying: “Everyone does their own thing. Coming into the Kapoor family, everyone does everything together. You eat together, you do aarti together, everything It’s all done together. It’s lovely. I’ve been through a lot of cultural and family moments because of the Kapoor family, and it’s given me a whole new layer in my life.”

Season 7 of ‘Koffee with Karan’ will air on the OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar, featuring new tattletale games like Koffee Bingo, Mashed Up, and the all-time favorite rapid shooter – bringing fans closer to their favorites star. The first episode will be streamed on July 7th at 7pm (IST), with each new episode airing every Thursday.

Shruti Haasan clarifies that she is fine!

Chennai – Actress Shruti Haasan clarified that she was not unwell or in critical condition as some media reported.

The actress said in a video clip: “I have polycystic ovary syndrome that a lot of women have. Yes, it’s challenging. But, no, it doesn’t mean I’m ‘unhealthy’ or in a Any ‘state of emergency’. I realize some media and news outlets are exaggerating without reading the actual post, which should be positive.”

“I also got a call asking if I was admitted to the hospital, and I obviously didn’t. I’m doing fine. I’ve had PCOS for years and I’ve been doing fine. So, thank you for your concern. You’re having a great day .”

It all started some time ago when the actress posted an Instagram post saying she had PCOS. Posting a video of her exercising, she wrote: “Work out with me! I’ve been facing some of the worst hormonal issues with my PCOS and endometriosis – women know it’s a battle with imbalances, The tough struggle of bloating and metabolic challenges – but instead of seeing it as a struggle, I chose to accept that like natural movement my body is always trying to be the best it can be and I say thank you for eating well and sleeping well , enjoy my workouts. My body is not perfect right now, but my heart is perfect. Stay healthy stay happy and get those happy hormones flowing!!! I know I sound a bit didactic, but this is a piece of the pie to accept these Challenges instead of letting them define my journey…so, I’m excited to share that with you all.”

Some media reports continued to report that the actress was in critical condition, forcing the actress to issue a clarification.

Urfi Javed calls Rakhi Sawant a ‘legend’ for shutting down trolls

Mumbai — “Bigg Boss OTT” fame Urfi Javed was recently compared to Rakhi Sawant by netizens on social media. Responding to them, she actually called Rakhi a “legend.”

On her Instagram Story, she shared a screenshot of a user comment, saying: “Totally agree with you! She’s like the next Rakhi.”

Ulfie, who is often known for her style, gave an appropriate reply, saying: “Just because you know a few international brands, just because you put a retro filter on your photos, you think you’re a lot taller than me. , you can insult me…”

She later called Rakhi a “legend”, commenting: “Rakhi is also a legend, the way you insult her because she is who she is, and then talk about feminism. The fact that you consider it an insult to be compared to her speaks volumes. Your character and way of thinking! Unnecessarily demeaning other women will only make you a super loser! xx.”

Ulfie also recently slammed those who circulated fake suicide photos of her, wishing her dead in the comments.

Urfi is best known for his role as Avni in “Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania”. She is also seen as Aarti in “Meri Durga”, Bella in “Bepannaah” and Mira in “Puncch Beat”, among others.

Arjun Kapoor wants people to see his evolution as an actor in three upcoming films

New Delhi- Arjun Kapoor, who has been in the industry for a decade, wants people to see him grow, grow and evolve as an actor with upcoming films including Ek Villain Returns, Kuttey and The LadyKiller’, This is his 18th film in the Hindi film industry.

How did Arjun become an actor in his decade-long journey to Hindi cinema?

In a conversation with IANS, the actor said: “I would say I’m a film student. I’ve improved in every way by making so many different films. LadyKiller is my 18th Movies, at the end of the day for me, every movie is a learning experience…”

“I may have made a few films that may not be my best, but it’s not for lack of trying, but today I feel like three films are coming out…from Sardar Ka Grandson to Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar ” and “Bhoot Police,” and you can see a variety of characters trying to do and do justice to all three.

The 37-year-old star added: “Now that I have Ek Villain Returns, Kuttey and The Lady Killer, I want people to see my progress and growth and my evolution as an actor and my Choose to manufacture.”

Ek Villain Returns, starring John Abraham, Disha Patani and Tara Sutaria, opens in theaters worldwide on July 29.

The film is directed by Mohit Suri and co-produced by T-Series and Balaji Telefilms.

KJo is overwhelmed when Alia tells him about her pregnancy

Mumbai — The multi-hyphenate Karan Johar, who is preparing for the release of the seventh season of his chat show ‘Koffee With Karan’, shared that he felt unsure when his directing actress Arya Butt shared the news that she was pregnant overwhelmed.

The head of Dharma Productions told the media that Alia came to his office and she gave him a hug after he broke down. He also shared that his “first-time parenting” was actually with Alia Bhatt.

Speaking to the Times of India, Karan said: “I was crying. She came to my office. I remember that day my hair was terrible and I was wearing a hoodie with a hood. She told me this. I The first thing I felt was tears and she came over and gave me a hug. I was like I couldn’t believe you had a baby. It was like your baby was having a baby. It was a very exciting one for me moment, and still is.”

He also added: “I’ve watched her go from being a girl to being a great entertainer to a very confident woman. I’m so proud. Because really, my first parenting was actually with her. Together. She walked into my office when she was 17. She is 29 today and the past 12 years have been amazing for both of us because I have such a strong bond with her. I can’t wait to have her baby In my arms. It’s going to be a very exciting time, like I’m holding my own baby.”

Alia makes her Bollywood debut with the romantic comedy drama Student of the Year directed by Karan Johar. (Ians)

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