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Bollywood film music composer and songwriter Mithoon, talks about his love for music and more


As we all know, Mithoon Sharma is an accomplished music composer and songwriter best known only by his name, behind some of the creepiest and haunting melodies in recent memory. Born into a musical family, Mison Through experimentation and authenticity, he always showcases his family lineage in his award-winning work.He started his composition career in 2006, when he was 19 years old, film Bass Eck Parr. This year, we see him in the spotlight again with films like Khuda Hafiz 2, HIT: The first case, shamshelaEk villain returns, and Gadar 2: Katha continues, on his kitten. Mithoon talks about where his passion for music came from, and more.

2022 has been a busy year for you, with back-to-back releases. How does it feel after the pandemic brought things to a standstill?

Yes, I do have a lot of releases coming, and more than usual, but my excitement is never the number of releases. It’s when I’m making music that my audience connects with it, and that works great for the film I’m making. Queued movies are very different from each other.

What was your experience like composing music for different types of films?

The experience was uplifting and satisfying. Every project is different and sometimes requires me to take a less traditional path, but the end result is satisfying.

‘Shamshera marks your first collaboration with YRF. Tell us a little about that…

I’ve been living with Shamshera for a few years now that the project was delayed due to the pandemic. Karan Malhotra is an energetic, dynamic director who has opened my eyes in a way that I have never seen before. The music created is steeped in the characters and the era of Shamshela.

Tell us about the two new tracks you released on the same day.

Jihuzurperformed by Aditya Narayan, from shamshela Released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu to critical acclaim. I’m glad the audience connected with it.This is the intro song of the character Lambir, and the way Karan portrays the song is also noteworthy.another track Kitni Haseen Hogifrom beat, is a melancholy love song by Arijit Singh, also based on the character from the film. I also got a lot of love from people.

Does technology help when working on various projects like this?

Technology is the enabler and will continue to be so, but the composer/songwriter has to create something for technology to drive the process. But yes, people can be anywhere in the world these days and still get the job done as we found out during the pandemic, all thanks to technology.

You have been working in this industry for decades. What have you got? Did you encounter any challenges?

The dream of being a film music composer/songwriter was something I got, loved and supported by well-wishers, music lovers and others in the industry. The challenge has always been to go beyond what I’ve launched or created before and keep evolving.

You are a composer and singer. Which is closer to your heart and why?

I am a composer and songwriter. Although I do sing and have done so on projects, my core essence is still composing, and there are plenty of talented singers out there who might be better suited to a particular role/situation of the film than me.

What are your thoughts on remakes of old songs?

It started out as a fad, but I’m not sure that’s the case.I recreated Ae Mere Humsafar, But then I decided not to do it anymore.

What song in your career made you feel like you’ve finally achieved what you wanted?

I guess my first original song was Tere Bin by Atif Aslam. When I heard my song playing, I was 19 years old and riding an auto rickshaw to college. It’s certainly a high!

What’s your next step?

More music for sure… my project this year will also be with Rivati release…and Gardar 2 with director Anil Sharma.

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