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Bollywood and DFTC beckon Emirati screenwriters


This opportunity is open to Emirati screenwriters from across the UAE to write for Hindi films. Writers over the age of 18 can register their interests, as well as their portfolios and experiences, on the DFTC website starting July 6.

Shortlisted applicants will go on to submit a story exploring their chosen theme in the Drama, Action, Thriller or Romance genre. A panel of film industry experts will review the work and select some of the best writers to develop feature-length screenplays for participating Bollywood studios.

“Bollywood has a special place in the hearts of locals and expats in the region. For decades, Indian culture, from food and fashion to movies and songs, has interacted with and influenced our own culture. We are very Delighted to enrich our relationship with more cultural and creative engagement. The programme aims to provide an opportunity for Emirati writers to demonstrate their knowledge and appreciation of the industry through their personal style, while gaining access to collaborations with films from the world’s biggest films Valuable experience working together with renowned writers and directors from one of the production industries,” said operations director Saeed Aljanahi in a statement from DFTC.

The programme builds on the UAE and India’s longstanding relationship, marked by decades of cultural and social exchange. Bollywood films such as “Happy New Year” starring A-listers Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, as well as Khan’s “Reis”, “Lakeshi” starring Akshay Kumar Rice Bomb and The Partner, starring Salman Khan, were both filmed in Dubai over the years, many of which were also loved by the local Arabic-speaking audience.

This call is open to UAE creatives only. Applications will close on September 4. Log on to the DFTC website for more information.

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