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BollyCoin unveils new Chill bull NFT collection inspired by Salman Khan’s Dabang character


BollyCoin, inspired by Bollywood mogul Salman Khan’s legendary Chulbul Pandey in the movie Dabangg, has launched a new line of Chill Bull NFTs. The Bollywood media platform is ready to launch an exclusive collection of Chill Bull NFTs.

Recently, BollyCoin released a video announcing its new series of Chill Bull NFTs.

In a statement, BollyCoin said: “The NFT, inspired by Salman Khan’s legend Chulbul Pandey in the Dabangg franchise, is the first step towards an ambitious goal of bringing everything Bollywood into the metaverse.”

It added that the new series will empower holders and stakeholders with exciting utility to access special events, concerts and virtual worlds inspired by Bollywood.

“We’re excited to bring Bollywood to Metaverse with this PFP series and our upcoming Metaverse event,” said the BollyCoin team, adding that Metaverse is the next frontier across the industry.​​​ Given its enormous scope, it inevitably contains all the elements that can enhance the Bollywood experience for our nation of movie lovers.

The team added: “With the launch of this groundbreaking NFT that will lead to a foray into the Metaverse, BollyCoin aims to be a tool to accelerate the adoption of Bollywood NFTs.”

The new NFT collection is a collection of 2,222 3D bulls distributed to BollyCoin holders, stakers, and owners of the company’s previous NFTs. The distribution will depend on who holds more BollyCoins.

Additionally, Chill Bull NFT holders will receive exclusive access to special Bollywood virtual events in the Metaverse. According to the statement, the initiative is expected to not only delight fans, but also to reimagine Bollywood’s first foray into the metaverse! Buyers can now learn about the industry’s most exciting shows in the emerging metaverse, as well as mini-games and celebrity interactions. The virtual playground is designed to celebrate the world’s most dynamic film industry.

BollyCoin has partnered with renowned Cope Studio (recently acquired by Polygon) to create these cutting-edge NFTs that will redefine Bollywood’s relationship with the Metaverse.

In the movie world, BollyCoin is an NFT marketplace that brings Bollywood to the web3. The marketplace is a community-driven platform where Bollywood is combined with cryptocurrency. With its cryptocurrencies listed on decentralized exchanges such as UniSwap and QuickSwap, BollyCoin is gearing up to achieve its ambitious agenda.

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